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Oh it’s 2007?

So, I was on the useless fucking 85 (which had decided to come on time for once in it’s useless run) thinking about where 2006 had gone. It’s never good to start off any form of story (be it blog or otherwise) with the narrator being on the bus, but unfortunately it looks like this is how the story is playing out. God damn I hate boring stories and I’ve buried myself already. Alright let’s start over.
*clears throat* I was on my way to do some uh…boxing week shopping, listening to some Oasis (yes I am redeeming myself already) and I sort of got carried away in my thoughts. Just stupid stuff like, where did this year go? And "Fuck I wasted a whole year of my life doing NOTHING." This of course led to me trying to recall what I had actually learned and accomplished in 2006. I came out of that task feeling pretty good about myself. But it also got me to thinking that maybe I should actually set some real resolutions this year and see if my year turns out any better. I can’t imagine it would, but hey. Let’s give it a whirl none the less, right? I mean..come on. Everyone else is doin’ it. So, I gave it some careful thought and these are the final five resolutions I came up with.
1) STOP BEING SO DAMN LAZY! Seriously, this is the year for getting in shape and toning up my tummy and arms. My legs I have no problem with. They’re already pretty nice.
2) DON’T EAT FAST FOOD ANYMORE! This one may prove a little tricky since I work across from McDonald’s, next to Burger King and get discounts at Pizza Hut. But I have faith that I can actually manage this one. Plus it will help me accomplish resolution #1.
3) FEEL BETTER ABOUT MYSELF MORE OFTEN! Yeah…I put this on here but it’s one of those resolutions that you put on because you hope it will make you actually feel better about yourself. But I’m hoping that with the combination of one and two, three will come easy.
4) WRITE MORE! Yeah I know I write a lot as it is, but it’s just useless stories on FanFiction.net. I want to finish my books. They’re what count, which brings me to resolution five…*drumroll please*
5) GET PUBLISHED BY YEAR’S END! I don’t care if it’s a book or something in a magazine but I will be published by this time 2008.
So there you have it. This is what I came up with for myself.
PS. Clerks 2 is HILARIOUS! I suggest you ALL watch it right now!
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31 and single?

Actually, no I’m not 31 and single, you stupid letter in the mail. I’m 20 and single. GET IT RIGHT!
But anyway, last time I came here I was raving about Marshal Kelloggs. Well, the novelty of him has worn off. Mainly becuase…he’s too young for me. Doesn’t change how good he looks, but somehow, he’s lost that appeal to me. Oh well. I’ll get over it. HOLY FUCK! IF I MAKE ONE MORE TYPING MISTAKE I AM GOING TO THROW THIS THING OUT THE WINDOW! I’m settled in Ottawa now (FINALLY) and I think things are going to go great this time around. No more crazy people who hate me for no reason, although when I’m waiting for the bus after work, creepers come up to me and ask me out, even when I tell then to piss off. But that’s to be expected from the big city. The only thing I need to work on doing is making some new friends. Not better friends or anything, but new ones. Well, maybe I’ll get a friend to replace Jesse, because he leaves me comments like the last one he left, suggesting I do naughty things in the shower. FYI Jesse: My showers take so long because I actually wash myself, unlike you because you are a smelly boy! Just kidding. We need to watch Unhappily Ever After again soon. That show is probably the best worst show ever.
My God! I am so bored. That’s it. I’m going to go work on one of my stories. KEEP YOUR COMMENTS TO YOURSELF JESSE! Being a writer doesn’t make me a loser.
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O-Town (not the boy band)

Hmm…it seems that I have finally landed in Ottawa. I have a bus pass, a job, friends and…the feeling of being home. It’s much easier than Montreal was, but it still comes with the weird dreams of adjustment. Oh and no internet on my own computer. Yeah we have a wireless router and everything, which you think would make the world of Trista SO much easier. But my computer has decided that USB ports are no longer a necessity to it. So even though Jesse added new ports, it still doesn’t recognize my iPod, Jesse’s flash drive OR the wireless card. Stupid useless computer. Oh I’m using Jesse’s laptop. Not like anyone was wondering, but I just thought I’d clarify. So I can’t do anything but type up stories, which isn’t really a bad thing, it’s just…annoying.
Well now that I have went away from this entry and come back MANY days later, I think I will just say one thing before I leave to watch re-runs of Garfield and Friends while I write/read. That thing is this: I WORK WITH AN ABSOLUTE SEX GOD! When Li told me that he was hot, I really wasn’t expecting the sexiness that is Marshal Kellogs. Seriously, I have never seen anyone better looking that him. Then again, it’s not like that can really be all that difficult, seeing as I come from Brockville. But I have a sneaking suspicion that he really will be the hottest guy I have ever seen. For the time being at least. Ottawa still has a chance to get a lot bigger for me. And oh yeah, my computer still sucks. I have given up all hope, even though we have made SOME progress. The reason my USB ports aren’t working is because they are not getting enough power to them. Ah well. Why would I care? I WORK WITH A SEX GOD! Sometimes I want to be his Sex Goddess, until I remember that I am asexual. Thanks A LOT Marshal Kellogs for being so hot and making me lose focus of giving up guys. It’s hard to give up guys when you are working with one so gorgeous. His eyes are BEAUTIFUL. Ah. I love my job.
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And I thought I’d left high school behind.

Seriously? Seriously?! What compells people to start the shit that they do? I just don’t quite understand the allure of gossip and rumours. It doesn’t make much sense to me. I’m not going to sit here and try to convince anyone that I haven’t been involved in the whole spread of gossip. Sometimes I do let things I hear get the best of me. But I’ve learned my lesson. After having one to many a bad thing said about me behind my back, AND just plain being a bitch to one of my best friends in high school, I’ve realized that it doesn’t just affect the person it’s about. It’s on every single person who passes it on.

No I’m not just saying this because the most recent story being told about me is particularly disgusting. No, I’m not just saying this because rumour has it that I attacked some girl at a party because she was "stealing my man" from me. Hmm…last time I checked, Man Pizza wasn’t my man. In fact, last time I checked, I wouldn’t touch Man Pizza with a hundred foot pole. Yeah last time I checked, I wasn’t in a big hurry to contract VD. So please stop telling people that "this crazy bitch named Trista is totally telling people that we’re dating." I can handle people spreading word that I’m a whore; I’m not a whore. I can handle people saying I’m a bitch; I’m not a bitch. But I am NOT crazy. I’m not a stalker and I do not claim property over people. SO STOP SAYING I DO! That’s the only one that gets to me. It’s not the first time I’ve heard that I’m "crazy." I dated this guy who told all his girlfriends after me, that I stalked him after I dumped him. I’m sorry but the whole pointof dumping someone is to GET RID OF THEM. You don’t dump someone and proceed to stalk them the next day. You stalk if you’re the dumpee…and you’re off your damn rocker. So you can say that I’m a bitchy whore all you want. But seriously, fuck off and get over yourself: I AM NOT A PYSCHO STALKER BITCH.

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Today is a sad, dark day in the history of lovable tv personas. At approximately eleven am today, Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter for those who are bad with names) was brutally murdered. Not by the hand of man however. No. Steve Irwin was murdered at the hands of a Bull Ray while he was diving in the Batt Reef in Queensland. He was filming footage for a television show hosted by his daughter, while on hiatus for his documentary "The Ocean’s Deadliest." The barb from the sting ray’s tail had lodged in his chest, piercing his heart and causing cardiac arrest. The sad thing is that his son, who is only three years old, will never get to know his father. Well, it’s not as sad as the fact that Crocodile Hunter is actually dead, but it is still really sad. In all of Australia history, this is only the third known fatality. Since 1996, there have only been 17 fatal sting ray attacks worldwide. Sad. So, so sad. He was only 44 years old, which just doesn’t seem fair. The world has definitely lost a very colourful, exeuberant person. The Discovery Channel is airing a tribute to the Crocodile Hunter tonight at 6PM EST. If I actually got the stupid channel, I would watch it. But instead I am watching the CSI Labour Day Marathon. I guess it will have to do.
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There’s a growth in my neck

Yes that is correct, I am ill. I think I have a growth or something in my throat. Or it could just be swollen glands. Whatever the case, I haven’t been able to eat solid foods for four days. I went into work on Monday and had to leave because I was seeing red dots and slurring my words on the phone. Because of my shitty immune system, I lost the two hundred dollar perfect attendance incentive. I am very unimpressed with my body right now. Especially since I am in the process of losing even more weight. WILL THERE EVER BE A DAY WHEN I CAN FIT INTO MY GODDAMN CLOTHES WITHOUT HAVING TO CINCH THEM?! That last line was for the pleasure of Jesse, Lauren and anyone else who’s seen the Gap Girl sketch on SNL. I don’t have much else to say on the subject really. I just thought I’d post a little update since I’ve found a computer that actually supports this new shit that MSN has done with its Spaces. I don’t like it.
I’m sorry I wasted your time with this entry. I was just extremely bored and sick. SORRY!!!
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