A Day Without Riblet

WHAT?! A day without Riblet? How can that be? Well, it’s quite simple actually. I talk about/think about/look at him way to much and I need to cool it down. So tomorrow is officially a Riblet free day. I know what you’re thinking Pool: YOU’RE CRAZY, SENSATIONAL! Yes, yes I am. But I just need to take a day off from loving geeky mathletes and get my head straight. It’s an over exhausted topic when people start to roll their eyes at the mention of his name.

Now, let me mention my absolutely ridiculous sister who wears perscription glasses when she doesn’t need them. Why does she wear them, you may ask? They make her feel cool. Yes, she is a loser. Just thought I’d throw that in there. The I (l) list will be updated tomorrow because at this moment, I have nothing new to add. And it’s still nine days until my birthday.


About triztron

I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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One Response to A Day Without Riblet

  1. .Lauren. says:

    that wasnt so gay.. so no gay comments from Pooljust an I LOVE YOUand that sounds like a GRAND idea..p.s Jesse needs a nickname (we need a kelseys menu!)

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