Leeches or Maggots?

OK, I just watched this disgusting documentary on Leeches and Maggots and the medical purposes they serve. They breed maggots, just so they can put them on open wounds to eat the dead, infected flesh? Oh yeah. They come in little test tubes and the doctors ship them out to your house with a lil’ bit of saline solution so you can pour them onto a special net that allows them to breath as they eat your skin. About three hundred of those little suckers comes in one test tube and depending on the extremity of your wound, you get at least three treatments. Don’t even get me started on leeches. If it ever comes to that, I’d rather lose my friggen limb, or be out in a coma. I don’t want to feel them crawling on me, eating me or drinking my blood.

POOL! I’m so happy for your soccer team! You must be a good coach. I started work on your present today, but I have to find a colour printer/printer that works. I had something to say to you, but I completely forget what it was. Sorry g/f. The leeches drank too much of the blood from my temple *shudders* Ew…

I found a Yoda head in my step dad’s pepsi carton, so on Monday, we should call Yoda during lunch or something! I wanna do it, just to see what he says! I hope I actually won something, instead of a stupid Yoda head from a Pepsi box. I’m excited…

P.S.: LINDSAY LOHAN IS SO DISGUSTING NOW!! OMG SHE IS THE GROSSEST WAIFE EVER! No joke, all of her breasts are gone, and we both know how huge they were before. Well they’re GONE. She’s totally flat now. Ew…

Today’s Vin Diesel fact: Vin Diesel was the person screaming when Boba Fett died



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One Response to Leeches or Maggots?

  1. .Lauren. says:

    Dear Sensationali dont know what to say about the leeches and maggots.. cuz i mean.. ew… that was not something i needed to read while im eating… but still, thanks for the fun facts:)im going up to see yoda today.. but not like just him but like the movie, you know what i mean? hahaha my soccer team kicks ass.. i play tonight.. you should come watch!!!!SIX DAYSSincerly, who else? Pool

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