Back in contact with Tanya? Cool!

Well, I’ve branched out from my blog and checked out my old friend Tanya’s blog (Pool, I don’t have a name for her, so I guess she’s just Tanya. Oh well. I don’t think it would work if we just went around giving EVERYONE names. Just Riblet and Sutter and Lamb Chop ). SO far it’s pretty cool. I wish I had a functioning web cam, seeing as I just broke our other one! Yeah I’m an idiot. Oh well. I look fat today anyway. If you can’t tell, I am delaying the inevitability that is my play review. "This sucks!" Another thing that sucks is my lack of John Mayer cd… there’s really nothing worse than getting a new cd for your bithrday and then leaving it at your cousin’s house. FRIGGEN IDIOT!!

Pool, I really don’t think we’ll ever reach the end of the Vin Diesel random facts. So many people add new ones everyday…but…what if you’re right? What if, one day, we reach the end? What kind of prize will we win? Oh man…I don’t want to imagine a night with Vin Diesel. FRIGGEN MOSQUITOES!! OK so here’s today’s random Vin Diesel fact:

It is not laughter that is the best medicine, but Vin Diesel

I hope I haven’t used that one. Ok so I just took a picture of myself with our non-functioning web cam and I’m pretty sure it captured me mid yawn. Damn! I think I’ll add a picture to my scrapbook. Cool.
Bye g/f I  you. Lunch, it was great talking to you again!!! Keep it up!!


About triztron

I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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One Response to Back in contact with Tanya? Cool!

  1. Tanya says:

    Yay! A post mostly about me! Aww.. your blog is so much less whiney/bitchy than mine… Cute flirty boy just wrestled with me, talked to me about foreplay and having a shower here (With a wink) and then left. He just left. Got me all riled up then left… So frustrating.. I think I hate boys..

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