Oh no…HOW WILL I EVER SURVIVE?! It will be rough, but I’ll managae! See what happens when you leave Pool?! I FORGET HOW TO SPELL AND I USE CAPS LOCK TOO MUCH!!!! But like you said, this will be a test of our relationship to see if we’ll last long distance. We will have to keep it going strong.

On a less depressing topic, Tanja-chan commented on my blog! Ah ha,ah ha,ahhahaha<— Hook laugh much? Oh I so love that movie. Wait what? NO! I can’t just ramble on, I have important business to cover. OK first off, everyday, I keep changing your present Pool. I just can’t make up my mind as to what it should be. So today, during another great brain wave/ lightning strking my brain, I lost my mom’s anklet. She is going to KILL me. It broke, so that’s totally out of my hands, honestly. I’m sad because it looked so good on me. Um what else? Oh yes, I hope all two of my readers will like this one: when I get bored or when I zone out, I tend to lose control over what my body does. So in World Issues today, we were working on some Vancouver thing (which reminds me that I have to look up some news stories about the Crips) and to prove a point.make a point, I began to draw a diagram with my wonderful blue pen- on the surface of my desk. My teacher waltzed up and saw it, which brought me out of my zone and make me go "Oh shit" So I spent the rest of the class trying to wash it off but I ended up have to come in after school and scrub all the desks in the classroom. JUST KIDDING! I only had to clean my desk off. But it was really hard! I was too afraid of the male custodians to ask them for cleaner, so I went into the personal service room and asked Ms. Crosby if she had some stuff. Miraculously, she did! She saved my life AND made me look hot but cutting and dying my hair to look fabulous.

Now, onto  bigger and better things that AREN’T about me scrubbing off a desk in the World Issues room. I’m really not feeling the ing vibe towards Riblet these days. Something about him makes me want to punch him in his gloriuos nerd face, everytime I walk by him in the halls. It might just be a phase, but I know one thing : I am going to get completely shit faced at the grad party and try to get in his pants. A) Because I’m curious as to how BIG it actually is. Seeing him in his boxers just doesn’t cut it and B) Becasue he’s an effing MATHLETE!!! How many times am I going to get the chance to fool around with a mathlete?! ONCE AND THIS IS IT! I’ll have to make a shirt that says "I  Mathletes" just to prove a point. OH! FAJITAS ARE ON!!! TIME TO GO AND EAT!!!!

Today’s Random Vin Diesel fact:

Vin Diesel once watched The House of 1000 Corpses, and somehow managed to get those two hours of his life back.


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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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  1. .Lauren. says:

    screw riblet. and screw guys. and SCREW friggen tents on slants so that you roll into your bookbag and sleep on a carabeener! GODDAMNIT!i missed you sensational. i had a BLAST. no sutter stories. i\’m still recovering from the canoe-trip and i think i might just be having a love affair with smores. mmmmmmmmmmh smores. mmmmhso screw lambchop, riblet and sutter. we need new guys. with new nicknames! mwhahahahaim back now.. so.. dont fret my loveover and out, a very sore pool signs off

  2. Tanya says:

    Aww! Hook is still constantly on your brain! That makes me tear up a little inside… I actually drew a pic of you as a "lost girl" for your b-day a couple months ago after watching Hook, but gave up when Don\’t Ask didn\’t look right… Boys suck and are losers… but they\’re funny to mess around with… I had a Fingercuffs experience last night… very interesting…

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