Hour four of packing, BUT POOL IS BACK!

Pool has returned! I’m glad you’re back Pool, I missed you greatly. There was a tiny little hole right at the base of my chest. Perhaps saying there was a hole in my heart would have been easier…well there. I just did. Now that I have two people reading my blog, I’m just so excited! It bears mentioning that I do not blame you, Tanja-chan, for being the Grape Vine. I blame the Grape Vine in general. Everything that travels through the grape vine gets lost along the way and replaced with something totally different. That’s what happens with the word of mouth.

Now, I have been packing up my room since nine fifteen this morning and my back is killing me! So I’m taking a much deserved break and eating rice crisps and drinking orange juice. The sad thing is, I’ve had to get rid of so much stuff and I HAD TO GIVE AWAY MY GRAFIELDS!!!! I cried as I put them in a garbage bag for Goodwill. Some snotty brat kid is going to get my childhood toys!!! I can’t bear the thought of that! Oh Garfields I miss you already. That’s been the hardest thing to part with. Everything else is just going. I don’t even know why I still have three quarters of it. I’ve had to downsize so much and…well, Pool if you saw my room, or knew me from years past, you would know that I am a pack rat. It runs in my family, on my dad’s side and moving to Montreal means I have to PURGE all of it. Minus clothes, notebooks and a few odd posters. Oh and obviously my computer. Other than that- PFFFT! GONE! What a tragic day in the word of Sensational’s banana. BUT I GOT MY SWEATER VEST!

Pool, we should just go back to Ian and Conor. No more stupid high school boys. No more lamb chop riblet or sutter! I agree, they are all stupid. Well, maybe not Lamb Chop, because I’ve known him since grade nine and missed him dearly when I left Athens. But Sutter and Riblet for sure! Now, I’m on my last rice crisp, so I think I’ll get back to packing. Plus, I have a new goal: TO WALK EVERY NIGHT FOR AN HOUR. Why? Oh because I’m FAT! Yeah.
Today’s Random Vin Diesel fact: Vin Diesel shot Old Yeller.

Tanja Chan! I wish I was a Lost Girl! We have to get together before I move to the downtown of montreal, where Simple Plan used to live. Maybe I’ll run into Dah-vid and then start to stalk him. Oh that would be too creepy!

I’m so glad you’re back Pool.  Mwah!


(I am so gay)


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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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2 Responses to Hour four of packing, BUT POOL IS BACK!

  1. .Lauren. says:

    dear sensationalthat blows, getting rid of all your stuff sucks! i am like.. the opposite of a pack rat so i have like nothing but pictures and memories.. and i cant really relate. sorry. i love you anyways!i cant believe there is only 7 more school days and then the summer. and you know what happens in the summer.. *tear* you leave me…:(come back and visit lotshappy packing:)sincerly, Pool

  2. Ashley says:

    packing is soo hard! i\’ve done it wice now within a year, and i\’ll have to do it agian in two months! Ug. I just never know WHY I hAVE SO MUCH CRAP< AND WHY DOES IT HAVE TO BE SO IMPORTANT TO ME!?!?! i will have soo much stuff to bring to my new house.dude, your not fat- but i haven\’t seen you in a very long time! not to say that you are, but last time i checked- shutting up now.

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