My body IS a wonderland!

Oh I love John Mayer. Anyway, I noticed that Pool has gone AWOL from my blog space. Uh hello Pool! I’m doing most if this for you! Ahem, I’m over it. No point in putting you in the bad books when I clearly can’t get mad at you. What I can get mad at are guys who treat their girlfriends like shit and won’t do anything to change it. Guys, don’t make it all out to be the girl’s fault. If she talks to you about it, ADMIT THAT YOU’RE A DANK AND TRY TO CHANGE! Don’t listen to her try to fix things and then go around behind her back and make it seem like you’re the victim when APPARENTLY you’re being an asshole. GOD! Guys are so dumb and as of today, I am on an offical boy-cott. LOL! I made a funny. Jesus I’m a loser. But yes. As of right now, I swear off boys until I meet the perfect nerd (sweater vest, clean black hair, blue eyes, tall and lanky, hot long fingers…I need to stop).

Ok so I guess the new Coldplay cd is AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING, says Pool. But that might be a little biased. But three amazings is pretty good. I’d like to hear it, because I have a soft spot for Coldplay. I really love the Scientist. The video is MESSED up though. I remember when Coldplay first came out, I thought Chris Martin was hot. And I also remember I was the only one of my friends who liked the song "Yellow" for more than a week. The video was kinda lame, but I watched it just to see Chris Martin in a black trench coat. I can’t believe he has a kid named APPLE. WTF Chris Martin, just cuz you’re British doesn’t mean you can name your kid after a fruit. And if you do…why not name her Mango or at least a cool fruit! Woah, slow down Trizta. The lead singer from Lifehouse got SUPER hot now that he cut off his disgusting Chad Kroeger hair. *shudders* I hate Nickleback…

Exams are soon upon me…yike. This totally effin’ blows because I have two HUGE exams that I just don’t think I’m going to do well on. OMG! I have a dentist appointment tomorrow and I don’t think you’re allowed to eat before you go to them! Damn wisdom teeth and damn pizza!

Today’s must listen to song: "Bowl of Oranges" by Bright Eyes. Oh Conor, I am going to have you in bed…after thie boy-cott is over, of course.


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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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