Boo exams on things you never learned

I had my world issues exam today and Mr. Givogue put questions on it pertaining to subjects we never learned about. So Whoo how I probably failed. Plus, I got my essay on Gandhi back and Mr. Simons said it was crap. So now I’m kind of worried that I didn’t do well at all and that Concordia is going to reject me. I’m so pissed at both of those teachers. The only exam I think I’ll do any good on in gym…oh wait. Finished that one. THIS SO SUCKS! I am feeling so utterly low right now that I can’t even see what I’m beneath. I hate this feeling of uneasiness after exams where you think you did well but it can all change in a heartbeat. This sucks!!!!!

But I got a new cd today that I’ve wanted for awhile, which is the John Mayer cd that has "Your Body is a Wonderland" on it. I love John Mayer so much. Plus it was on sale and came with a motor cycle DVD. I hope someone very cool gets my locker next year and adds on to my Whoo and Boooo list that I made because that would be so sweet. I also had a nice little rant about how Nick needs to keep his feelings away from work and not be such a dink and ignore me as a customer. All I wanted was to rent Boogeyman, which is now about a week late thanks to cousin Kristen. But I  her so it’s OK. Plus I’m leaving in August and Jumbo late fees won’t carry on into Montreal…right?

I was sad that today was my last day to see Lamb Chop in school. It saddens me so much that I mat never see him again and I never told him how I feel about him. But of course it’s better that I didn’t because I want him as a friend, before anything else if he actually felt the same way about me. I never want Lamb Chop and I to be the way Matt and I are. For some reason, he avoids me like the plague in person, but has no trouble talking to me on MSN. I don’t want that with Lamb Chop because I’ve liked him for so long that I really don’t think I have anywhere left to go. He’s always been a good friend to me, even when he called me Batman through our entire grade nine year. I have good memories with him and I never want to look back and say "He was such an asshole" even if it’s only once. I never want to have a single bad memory about him, like the ones I have about Matt or Adam…or pretty much every guy I’ve dated. It comes with the territory of being friends before you date someone, or just getting that close to someone in general. Anyway, I think I’ve talked about guys enough while I’m supposed to be on a boy-cott. Ha ha ha ha ha….I suck.

Speaking of sucking, I did this book siging thing on Wednesday and my picture was in the paper last night. It was the hugest, ugliest picture of me ever and I’m looking at Captain Everett in complete amazment, which sparked my grandma to say "Frig you’d never see her talking to me like that. She doesn’t even talk to me at all" which promted me to almost say "Did you get blown out of a ship full of dynamite and almost drown? No, so SHUT THE FUKC UP!!" But I kept my mouth shut and ignored her. I hate how people think I’m never happy. I’m always happy, I just don’t bounce around like I have springs in my shoes. I keep my happiness to an external minimum.

Well I think that’s enough blogging for one day.

Today’s must listen to song: "Bab O’Rielly" by The Who. Whoo CSI: NY and Gary Sinese

Day 5 of the "Boy-cott"


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