My sister has no eyebrows HA HA HA

Well, my sister’s graduation is tomorrow and she has no eyebrows. It would seem that she got absurdly drunk with her friends (yeah she’s only 14) and she was the first one to pass out. So they shaved her eyebrows off. She looks like a friggen albino kid but it’s hilarious. She has five o clock eyebrow shadow and my mom has to draw eyebrows onto her face. HA HA HA LOSER! That’ll teach you for passing out first. Or maybe for drinking when you’re WAY to young to be passing out.

I’ve just been informed by my g/f that my space is gay. So perhaps I will never post on here again. Now I have two boy-cotts. Only the second one isn’t a boy-cott. FINE! I’M DONE WITH THIS SPACE!!!

Today’s must listen to song: Lua by Bright Eyes.

Day 8 of the "Boy-cott"
Day 1 of the blog boycott


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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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1 Response to My sister has no eyebrows HA HA HA

  1. Tanya says:

    Y\’know having no eyebrows happened to someone I knew..*cough me cough* and nobody actually noticed until I mentioned it.. They\’d look at me weird and wonder what it was that seemed wrong about my face, but as long as I didn\’t tell them they never quite figured it out… *shrugs* But right before her grad? That poor kid

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