I hate Noe Road

I am going absolutely crazy from sitting in this house. There is absolutely NOTHING to do in the middle of no where, with the shittiest computer in the world. No joke, this computer can’t handle having two programs running at once. It’s a miracle how it can handle running Messenger. Another things that bites the big one is how I’m cooped up in this house and can’t eat real food. God damn liquid/soft foods diet. But at least my wisdom teeth are gone now. Plus I lost a little bit more weight, which is awesome because I can fit comfortably into most of my pants. Unfortunately, I hate all my clothes, so I’m getting rid of all of them. Honest to God, I thinkI might take three pairs of pants with me and two shirts because that’s about all I like of my mountain of clothes. I think stores like Goodwill are open simply for people like me. They make their living off of pack rats who can’t stand getting rid of stuff. Oh right, my room is 8 by 12, so I have to get rid of pretty much everything. That’s going to be so hard. And the next time I blog on my MSN space, I may be in Montreal. Everyon ein my family is under the impression that Montreal is going to drive me wild and by the time I graduate I’ll be married with three children. Actually, that’s what my grandma thinks. Maybe being in the same city as Karla Homolka (I don’t care how wrong that is spelled) will do me in. Or maybe I should be friends with her and learn how I can stab my sister in the throat and get away with it. God I hate my sister. Oh but I don’t have to worry. I’m leaving in seven days time anyway. Although I have to admit that a tiny part of me may miss the misery that this family puts me through; nothing has ever inspired me to write more than these people who are supposed to be my family. But at least we admit that we’re dysfunctional. There have been recent developments among the "Ideal" half of the family which make me laugh, sit back and enjoy the trouble they’re causing and grab my pen and write it all down. If I ever publish memoirs/journals/a biography, I think it will be a pretty colourful read. Unless Paige is one of those characters who everyone needs to know to find funny. Whatever, she’s a pyscho bitch. I think I’m done with this particular blog entry, seeing as I need to find a way to publish my full length Whoo and Boo lists.
Seven days until I move
Day fourty four of the "boy"-cott

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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One Response to I hate Noe Road

  1. Tanya says:

    Best of luck on your move! I hope Montreal treats you well.. and not too french!

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