Home Sweet Home

OK I know that it’s been a while since I’ve last written but to be honest I’ve been kinda busy exploring Montreal and learning about my new home. I just got home from a one week visit in Hell and I’ve gotta say that it’s good to be back. I got more accomplished in my week visit than I did the whole summer before I came to Montreal. I finally worked up the nerve to "ask Lamb Chop out" and it went REALLY well. Of course I didn’t tell him I liked him, but I just didn’t think I needed to cross that bridge just yet. I mean…I’ve got lots of time to build up the courage to tell him and I’ll seize the opprotunity when I see fit. No I’m not just saying it was the wrong time because I’m a coward (that’s part of my reason but whatever) I’m in a transitional phase and the last thing I need is a boyfriend in Ottawa who I’m going to miss all the time. It’s not really THAT moment yet because well…I’m still adjusting and I just need to be by myself for a while. I need to make Montreal friends before I realize that I’m an idiot for not telling him the night we went to Kingston. I already have my Brockville friends telling me that so I should wait for my unfound French ones to tell me as well. I KNOW THAT I’M AN IDIOT FOR NOT TELLING HIM AND I KNOW THAT HE COULD HAVE BEEN FEELING THE SAME WAY! I HAD MY CHANCE AND I BLEW IT!!!! But he’s sharing an apartment with another old Athens friend and he invited me to come and visit them every chance I got…so maybe I’ll take him up on that offer.
OK enough about Lamb Chop, I need to talk about my blog. I was perusing through Jacky’s blog (old TISS friend who lives in B.C now) and she’s actually seen my blog!! How cool is that? I didn’t think anyone other than Pool, Li, Vinny and Tanya ever saw my blog. That makes me just so much happier now! I  you Jacky and I hope that you’re living it up in B.C. From the sound sof your blog I’d say that you are. Best of luck to you and I’ll never forget you and I KNOW that you’re gonna be famous!!

About triztron

I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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