Blink me!

Wow…I rode the short bus today. THE MINI BUS IS MY LIFE!! Ha ha ha I’m kidding. But I did ride the short bus home. I never thought I’d see that day. But it’s totally a blog worthy topic. Actually it’s not my topic, it’s just the seguay into my topic. Which leads us into today’s topic…
I bough Blink 182’s greatest hits album and it’s AWESOME. Well of course it’s awesome. A) It’s Blink 182 and B) It’s Blink 182’s greatest hits! Anyway I’m totally into Blink 182 again. Oh the good old days of grade ten when I adored them. Ha ha *nduge nudge* Tanya…remember Tom and Travis and all the ‘Oh My’ing in the bushes? I liked the way you wrote Tom and I liked the whole…bi angle. I don’t think I’ll ever forgeth the story where your character is being beaten by…was it Tom? Or did she have both boyfriends in that one? Whoops I guess I did forget it. But I remember the drawing I coloured with the yellow rose that she got. It’s too bad that they went on that hiatus. I think that if they’d stayed together we’d have never faded away from them. And you were right; Tom is DEFINITELY hotter than Travis. NO offence to Travis. I have the cutest picture of him…ew ick I sound like a fan girl . *clears throat* Anyway, it’s probably just another phase. But I LOVE these phases. They bring me some of the best memories of my life. Like my phase with Ian, that sexy hot dolphin trainer. Ian brought me closer to Lauren, the absolute greatest person in the world! Now I don’t know what would happen if Lauren ever left me (not to make us sound like lovers). I don’t really know any phases that brought me close to anyone else. I suppose every RPG Li and I ever did made us close. I miss those days. Ah well. Can’t be living in the past. I GOTTA LIVE IN THE NOW!! WHOOOOOO!!!

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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One Response to Blink me!

  1. Ashley says:

    we were such geeks…. total. worse then the D and D geeks. lol.

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