Well, I’ve seen King Kong twice now. And the viewings were a day apart. All in all I think that’s a pretty good record. Not once in my life have I seen a movie more than once in thatres excluding Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. But that was because I was in Montreal and I didn’t want to go home after class. The second time I just didn’t want to go to class. But keep in mind that HP isn’t three and a half hours long. Oh but King Kong is so worth it. I mean, the first time I was with my sister and my mom, and they spent most of the movie making fun of Adrien Brody’s nose (which is about half of his face) and how could I find him so hot. And then when I went with Lauren and Jesse and they sat through the whole thing, making jokes and shit. They were totally annoying the people who were sitting next to me, who were taking their annoyance out on me. Good times though. But back to the movie. I was really surprised at how well Jack Black did at playing an asshole instead of the funny idiot. Adrien Brody, well, he AND his nose did an excellent job of playing Jack Driscoll. Naomi Watts was really cool and Andy Serkis…do you even have to ask? Anything that guy does is GOLD. I mean, Lumpy was a sweet character and King Kong was pretty emo. He kicked some serious dinosaur ass for Naomi Watts and he died trying to protect her/be with her. And he always hides that he’s crying. KING OF EMO! But it was still a stellar movie. It better win some Oscars and one of those Oscars better be "Best Actor" for Adrien Brody. But in all likelyhood it will end up being Best Director or Best Visual Effects or Best Picture. But whatever. If King Kong wins best supporting actor, that would be pretty awesome. Not going to happen, so some recognition should go to Andy Serkis! That guy gets screwed out of everything! VOTE FOR ANDY!!!
ps. The early Family Guys are the shit, eh Jesse?
ps. Jesse is still a dickweed, just not as much
ps. Happy New Year folks.

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4 Responses to ROCKS!

  1. jesse says:

    hi everyone i am the one that was talking to lauren the whole time. we may have beeen loud but we made it way more fun to watch. and screw anyone who thinks we were anoying. "peace out" adam sandlerps. king kong is so emo

  2. Trista says:

    I would like to state for the record that I didn\’t think you guys were I\’m watching Mission Impossible Two and the Captain from King Kong is in this movie! Effing wierd man!

  3. Trista says:

    Oops my bad. It\’s not the guy from King Kong. It\’s the Duke from Moulin Rouge. Stupid ass.

  4. Tanya says:

    Dude, I soo just saw Chronicles of Narnia twice in two days! I beat you because there wasn\’t a day inbetween! Mwaha ha .. But that is also a first for me, because I usually don\’t think it\’s worthwhile to pay to see movies twice in theatres, but Narnia is SO good! I was worried because I loved the books, but oh man, they got it spot on from my memory (it\’s been about 6 years since I last read them, so memory may be a bit fuzzy) — Best part: I didn\’t pay for either movie! Yee! Happy New Year!

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