Who won’t get fooled again? Baba O’Reily!

I’m starting this entry without a title in mind. It’s like writing a book without a title; I can never tell where I’m going to end up. Actually, I already know what I came on here to talk about. It’s stupid, and lame, and probably the most shallow thing I will ever have blogged about on this blog (I have another blog devoted to my shallowness). OK so here it goes: now that I’m home and in the process of finding a job, I have been doing a whole lot of nothing. Unless you count the random shit disturbing I have done to spite a few people, all of which was done from the comfort of my own home and by total accident but I will accept the fact that people will be pissed off at me none the less. Anyway, I have done absolutely nothing but write and watch CSI. I own at least one season of each, so I have been doing a lot of watching. So this is what I have come to notice in my travels through the DVDs:
1) There’s always SOMETHING that leads them to the right guy/girl
2) They’re always wearing the same clothes, leading the viewers to believe that they solve all these crimes in the span of one day (DNA takes at least four to six hours to run)
3) AFIS always pumps out the name of the killer, and if not, then it gives up the killer’s known associates
4) When dusting/super gluing high fingerprint traffic items (such as cups, money, windows, doorknobs etc.) there’s is only ever ONE fingerprint and it’s usually the killer’s
5) Danny is the only CSI from CSI: NY with a New York accent
6) Grissom is the most bowlegged guy I’ve ever seen
7) The third season of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, is the best season for Warrick’s hair
8) David Caruso has the cheesiest lines of all three lead CSIs
9) The line before the theme song is always as lame as it can possibly be
10) I am undecided on my feelings for the new girl on CSI: NY. I really liked Aiden
11) Ryan Wolf looked better with long hair
12) CSI: Miami is the only CSI where all the CSIs have a specialty in the lab (Delko is the diver, Calleigh is the ballistics expert and Speedle WAS the trace expert, before he got shot. Now it’s Ryan)
13) The crime/episode always takes place on the date it’s originally aired (IE: Miami always takes place on Mondays, NY on Wednesdays Las Vegas on Thursdays)
14) Catherine makes almost every case about her daughter
15) To date, CSI: and CSI: NY are the only ones where lab technicians have transferred to the field (Greg on CSI: and Dr. Hawkes on CSI: NY)
Well there you have it. I could have gone on for much longer, but I thought I’d like to give others a chance to add, if they really wanted to. I just don’t have the typing skills to keep going.

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5 Responses to Who won’t get fooled again? Baba O’Reily!

  1. Jason says:

    well Con, after i studied your blog, I thought of things to add on, or you make your points irrelevent.1) "There\’s always SOMETHING that leads them to the right guy/girl"Of coarse theres, thats what they call EVIDENCE! Without it, not only would the show not have 2 spin offs, consume like 17 hours of the day on Spike TV alone, but real life crimes would be at an all time high because no one would be caught. God bless you evidence, The state of Texas and I thank you.2) They\’re always wearing the same clothes, leading the viewers to believe that they solve all these crimes in the span of one day (DNA takes at least four to six hours to run)DNA takes at least 4 – 6 hours. There\’s 24 hrs in a day. so according to my calculations that leaves 18-20 hrs to track down they\’re killer. And if TV has taught me its that a 30minutes is alot of time for things to happen, AND if a friend is going on vation, leaves their pet with another friend, that pet is going to die.Besides, CSI needs to work fast. In LV they need to work fast so they can gamble, buy hookers and play in the desert. In Miami they need to work on their tans. and in NY…terrorist….and public transportation strikes. 14) Catherine makes almost every case about her daughterThats what we call being family orientated! It\’s very important now a days. Without it, Catherine\’s daughter will be the one with DNA on the cigarette which was carelessly left in the ashtray of a silver pontiac with a busted taillight which peices were found during autopsy in the throat of the man who Catherine used to dance for.

  2. Trista says:

    1) True that it\’s called evidence but perhaps I should have worded that differently. I guess what I meant was that, not all cases are that cut and dry. Yes it\’s tv, but it\’s one of the things that bugs me about the show.2) Either they don\’t change their clothes because they work too much, or they don\’t own any other clothes. But from having watched four seasons of CSIs on DVD plus watching it on tv, it ALWAYS look like they solve the crimes in under a week. False pretenses for solving crimes, my friend. Plus they keep running all these DNA samples, which really can\’t be done all in one day, let alone one shift.3) Danny Messer (CSI: NY) hates running, but he hates leaping more4) Carmine Giovinazzo (Danny Messer) is one of very few actors to appear in all three CSIs. He was in season three of CSI as a wigger named Thumpy G and then he was in the crossover episode of CSI: Miami where Horatio went to NY. And well…he plays Danny on CSI: NY5) The original cast of CSI: Miami has also been on all three CSIs, but they played the same characters6) I watch too much CSI. I could be the CSI geek on Beat the Geeks. Damn7) I had another one but I forget what it was

  3. Jason says:

    THE MERKLEY REBUTTELRe: 2)AHA! According to your first post, it was all in a day, now you\’ve given them a week. Which is it Ms. Riverz? How do you expect to convince the jury of your peers if you\’re not even convinced yourself.And clearly the answer to how so much gets done in one day is due to the time change in different time zones.I feel like Sean Penn in Runaway Jury

  4. Trista says:

    Damn! I have to repost this!OK, they solve every case in like three days. How unrealistic is that? Not all cases have a piece of evidence that leads them to the cases. Although Grissom and Gary Sinese are the men, even they cannot right every wrong. In fact, in one episode of CSI: NY, he mentions that he keeps unsolved cases on his desk, in hopes of one day solving them. Yeah I think they have a show made up just for those kind of cases. What is it called? Oh yeah. COLD CASE! Therefore, CSI needs to stop making it look like all cases can be solved in three days.

  5. Ashley says:

    It doesn\’t matter- they solve the cases in like 3 days or whatever cuz thay have fake-only-on-CSI-not-in-real-life equipment and tests! Fingerprints rarely EVER EVER EVER solve any crimes, cuz its next to impossible to get a clear print, and if they do get a clear print it NEVER narrows it down to ONE person. they have to be in the files, and they only get like 8-32 points (depending on the country) on the finger print. so…you have like 16 possible matches and the criminal may not even be in that list because they\’re not on file! Also, like I dunno, Foesics can only tell you sooooo much. Some of the stuff on that show isn\’t real. And we all know it! In other words, CSI is make believe, so its ok to wear the same clothes all the time. Hmmmm…. actually the scooby doo kids never changed there clothes and they ALSO solve crimes in like a few days. it must be a superstitious crime solver thing.~joke~

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