Boxer shorts

Well I see that my CSI entry was a huge success. I came up with loads more, but I don’t feel like posting them, since they are sort of nasty to a few people I know. I figure I’ll keep them off my blog as they will bring me negative publicity and I just don’t want that, as it is rude to the rest of the people who read my blog and actually like me. Anywho, my computer seems to have caugt a few STDs and needed to be wiped clean. It might be good now, but seeing as it has herpes AND gohnorrea, it may be infected for life. Ya know…cuz herpes never go away. But now that it’s been maintained, it’s good. It’s now equipped with an internet condom and everything. Try and get by now, AIDS and syphillis! I forget really, why I came to blog. It’s all lost on me now. But I can say that Jesse likes Adrien Brody now because Adrien Brody raced in an illegal car race a couple years ago, in Europe. Way to go Adrien for winning Jesse’s affections! That’s not the easiest task, I assue you. And by assue I mean assure. Oh yes I remember now. I came on here to talk about this CRAZY dream I had last night about Ryan Dunn and Ethan from Lost. OK I was moving into this apartment with Jesse, and Rob Bushfield (random guy I know) and Ryan Dunn. Richard was missing, so there was this nationwide hunt to find Richard. All the CSIs were there and Stella kept talking about blowfish. I was wearing a puffy black prom dress and trying REALLY hard not to be a big drag. Lauren was there too, trying to hook up with Ryan Dunn and I was sort of sad because I liked Ryan Dunn, as usual in my dreams. Anyway, to make a long story short, Ethan was underwater, weighted down and screaming behind a wall of seaweed in Jesse’s living room. I ran outside and downstairs to my mom’s car and Ryan Dunn ran after me, in his boxers, and that was how my mom met Ryan Dunn, my new boyfriend. It was so fucked up I woke up and watched some CSI. Then I had a shower. And when I went downstairs, there was a hot guy named Ryan in my basement. WEIRD
CSI fact #21) CSI: NY is on too late at night for Mr. Robillard to watch.
ps. never look up huge asses on the Altavista search engine
ps. always take Jesse’s advice

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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2 Responses to Boxer shorts

  1. Randy says:

    its not too often you read a story about you, mr robillard, herpes and gonhorrea and if there was one, the most logical explanation is a mr jackson-esque ending, but you managed to work them all together without a story ending in burning urination and lost jobs…good workps…your dreams are fucked!

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