For Love of The Danny

Well, I finally bit the bullet yesterday and watched/bought For Love of The Game, which is a Kevin Costner movie. Why would any nineteen year old girl in their right mind buy a Kevin Costner movie? Well I need to explain something to you; you see, 7 out of 10 times, I’m a shallow movie watcher. In my terms this means I go and see long, borning movies because someone who I find very attractive is in the movie, even if only for about three scenes. For Love of The Game is one of those movies. Carmine Giovinazzo is in this movie, a whole total of twice I might add, but he plays a baseball player so I figured I’d give it a shot. Why? Well hello! Baseball equals nice arms, tight little baseball pants that leave NOTHING to a girl’s imagination and those helmets just look so cute. Plus I wanted to see if Carmine Giovinazzo actually looked like the baseball player he wanted to be all those years ago. And yes, he friggen does. The whole time from when he shows up randomly in the beginning (as a New York Yankee of course) to when he pops, just as randomly, back up in the final scenes. It’s a whole showdown of Kevin Costner and Carmine Giovinazzo (who looks FANTASTIC in those baseball pants); Tigers pitcher looking to pitch the perfect game and fresh new Yankee batter looking to become a hero who stoppped the Tigers pitcher from pitching the perfect game in Yankee Stadium. No one rocks that baseball uniform harder than Carmine Giovinazzo. He runs, he has beautiful baseball arms, he does some weird pelvic wiggling dance everytime he’s ready to bat (which is really an eye candy dance in pants like that) and he really wears that helmet and hits the ball (foul ball the first time. I’m not giving away the ending for you guys). And he looks so happy and excited to be up against Billy Chapel. Oh Ken Strout. Yeah the name needs a little work. I’m just going to call him The Danny, because that’s what he is right now. Plus The Carmine just sounds weird. But if this Danny business doesn’t work out for him, I might just have to call him The Carmine. Oh yeah I was also a little impressed with the movie. It really makes me miss baseball. Not that I was anywhere near becoming a Yankee and wearing tight little baseball pants (because I’m a girl, isn’t it?!) but it was a great way to blow off stress and just be awesome. Anyway, that’s my thing for today. Shallow movie watching for hot guys like The Danny. I will leave you now with a list of some movies that I have Shallow Rented/bought and watched:
The Villiage
The Jacket
For Love of The Game
I seem to be having a hard time thinking of movies like this. Maybe I don’t shallow watch as many movies as I thought I did. Oh wait. I watched Behind Enemy Lines because Owen Wilson was in it. But now it’s one of my favourite war movies. Of course, if I saw The Thin Red Line, it would probably own Behind Enemy Lines. And I may have watched Enemy of The State because Seth Green was in it. But I can’t remember. It might have just been I saw it and Seth Green was in it, which was a bonus. I bought the Italian Job because Mark Whalberg and Edward Norton were in it. But it also turned out to be kinda good. But other than those movies, I can’t think of any others. Which might be a good thing. Isn’t shallowness like a sin or something? Meh. I can be a shallow person, I admit that. But it’s really only in the case of actors and movies. No matter what movie I’m watching, I find a hot guy. I don’t know how I do it, but I do. But in the real world, I’m not as shallow when in comes to the guys I date. That isn’t supposed to be as mean as it sounds. The guys I do go out with, I don’t find drop dead gorgeous (like Carmine Giovinazzo in baseball pants), but they’re cute. And it seems to be that everyone else finds them hot, except me. That’s probably why they all dump me. They know they can do better. But I don’t give a shit. I can do better than them! LIKE CARMINE GIOVINAZO IN TIGHT BASEBALL PANTS!!! By the way, I really think The Danny looks good in a baseball uniform. Hot hot hot! If he hadn’t fucked up his back, I would watch baseball just for him. He really looks like a baseball player. OK yeah I really need to end this entry because it’s just become rambling…about The Danny in his baseball pants. Alright now I’m done.
PS. Never fuck with the blog font. It never goes back to the right size!
PS. Billy Chapel’s Yankee rival’s real last name is Papajohn
PS. Jesse has no ps for today

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  1. jesse says:

    OH YEAH WELL THATS WHAT SHE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BURN!!!!!!!!need some ice for that sucker!!i\’m bored sorry.

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