But it’ll smoosh

I saw Jordan Sparling the other day which reminded me that I really wanted to sleep with him last year. I still do, who am I kidding? Anyway, it was cool to see him again because I had him on the list of things I missed about Brockville. If I remember correctly, it was: I miss randomly seeing Sparling around Brockville. And then I randomly saw him in Zellars. That’s been happening a lot to me lately. This whole random luck thing. First it was finding my wallet, then it was seeing Sparling, followed by a bunch of other stuff. I won’t really get into it because it’s not that important anyway. But it’s been weird and creepy and I hop eit doesn’t go away. Because maybe this random luck will help me score. God damn I need to score. It’s been like…*pauses to pretend to count* a year or so. It’s just the way I am I guess. I go through these phases where I REALLY want a guy, but then in like a week, it goes away. So what is the deal with that I wonder? Maybe it has something to do with my attention span. I get bored of things and people very quickly. I mean, I’m already bored of being home. I want to either move to Ottawa now, or tour to New York and live life up there. But I can’t go to NY until I get a laptop. It’s all part of the plan. GOD! This entry is going to be short because I want to finish the book I’m reading about serial killers. Plus Matt is online, ignoring me like he always does. It also doesn’t help that I’m afraid if I talk to him, he’ll rip at me for something or other. I’ll stay away from that drama, thanks. And my book is more important anyway. If I don’t finish this book, I’ll never be able to get to work on Brent and Lilith. I have 27 chapters to write and I’m only 1/8th through the first one. DAMMIT! Fucking serial killers being all psycho and complicated!
PS. Jesse forgot my wallet in Ottawa. Thanks a lot Jesse.
PS. Chuck Norris’ tears cure cancer. Too bad he has never cried.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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4 Responses to But it’ll smoosh

  1. Randy says:

    Hey, you\’re writing a book, I assume its about serial killers because that seems to be your thing right now. You should let the Danny help you cause you know…I *AM* a CSI, well on TV but thats like close enough. About that good luck thing, I\’ll say you have it, I mean, how many girls get to talk to the Danny.God Damn that Chuck Norris, all he does is roundhouse kick people and bogart his miracle cure tears, I solve crimes and put bad guys in jail, why don\’t I have a website!

  2. Trista says:

    Hey, The Danny. I have half a mind to hunt you down and kick your ass for being so goddamn arrogant. It\’s cute that you think you can help me solve my crimes just because you play a detective on tv. But I\’m gonna level with you: I doubt that you could really stop Brent from killing. He\’d probably kill you, just to get you out of the way. Sorry The Danny. I still love you, but you need to tone down the whole "hot shit" attitude. I don\’t roll that way. Alright?

  3. Randy says:

    The Danny is sorry, he is used to talking to girls from NY who tend to look away from the guys who aren\’t borderlining on the narcisistic. Your really think that Brent would kill me? {o,o} |)__) -"-"- O RLY?What kind of serial killer is he? Like crazy sex freak 1, or just cold mathematical soulless killing machine?but neways, the Danny is sorry for being an asshole

  4. Trista says:

    Thanks for understanding The Danny. I\’m sorry I can\’t be a NY girl for you, but it\’s who I am. Brent is a cold mathematical soulless killing machine. That\’s pretty much the way it goes. He borderlines on being sexual, but he knows that he\’ll get caught if he wanks it on the bodies. He wouldn\’t even blink to kill you. I\’ll try to keep him away from you. Thanks again The Danny.

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