I wish…

I wish that for one whole week, no one made me feel like a failure in life
I wish that I could stop hurting
I wish that I had somewhere else to go
I wish that more people thought I was "too good" for this town
I wish that I didn’t go to bed crying everynight
I wish home actually felt like home
I wish that my "family" didn’t treat me like one giant inconvenience
I wish someone could save me from this place
I wish the black hole inside me would stop getting bigger
I wish I didn’t have to wear band-aids on my wrists
I wish I wasn’t so emo sometimes
I wish my mom would start sticking up for us, instead of always taking his side
I wish people weren’t so blind to the problems in front of them
I wish I didn’t always feel so alone
I wish I could have more days like Monday January 23 and Tuesday January 24
I wish more people cared about how I felt
I wish I could go to bed
I wish people weren’t so selfish
I wish everyone in this goddamn shithole would just FUCK OFF and stop bringing me down everyday
I wish my stepdad would stop crushing my dreams
I wish everyone would stop telling me I’m going to fail in life
I wish people would get my side of the story before they start mocking me and calling me a fucking idiot
I wish I didn’t have to be here
I wish that I didn’t have so many things to complain about
I wish I could save myself
I wish I was happier…

About triztron

I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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4 Responses to I wish…

  1. Jason says:


  2. Trista says:

    Well I wish we could hang out tonight and drink!

  3. jesse says:

    tell you what.
    i think your going to be a great writer.
    i think you are to good for that town.
    i think your stepdad is an asshole.
    i think more potential then he ever did and he simple can\’t deal with it.
    i think your mom probably cares but is just scared.
    i think somday you will stop hurting.
    i think when you like here you will have fun and feel at home.
    i wish you would stop cutting and call me instead. or anything. because if you cut i feel like shit and feel like i havent done enough. and if i havent tell me i\’m here.
    i think we are all a lil emo somtimes.

  4. Trista says:

    Sometimes I think people are too nice to me. Seriously Jesse, I didn\’t know that it made you feel so bad. I\’m sorry. Sometimes I don\’t realize how my actions affect my friends. Those are very nice things you said about me and they almost made me cry. Next time, I will call you. I think it will hurt a lot less and be a lot more fun. And don\’t ever think you aren\’t doing enough because you are. I just don\’t know how to show it that well.

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