Part Deux

As explained in "READ THIS ONE FIRST!" I am posting Li’s response to my email about drawing and Benji’s soul stealing story.
Hello. My name. Is. RENOTO!!!!
Er um, sorry, me and dad were just playing soccer at  the soccer field near our house, and it was Zeto vs Renoto- game of the centurey. we tied, 3-3. new soccer ball, we had to test it out. Not i’m all rentoto mode

Joel: I…. dunno why i’m here anymore, no more movie- BUT she has TWO batman video games.
Billy: Yes yes. many video games. But she has others. *glares*

Do not glare at me, Daughter of darkness in such a way lest ye wish to be ZAPPED.

Timbo-er TIM timmy tim tim tim- I mean just playin tim: *has nothing to say but u thought i’d let you know he exsists*

and a special guest appearance from: ZARBON!

Z: *sleeping*

errrr my people are not talking. they are dumb. Well Z is kinda on the outs….but….. i didn’t know who else to hang with. OH OH OH! No. i don’t know him to well. I’ll let you know when i find him. kay> kay.

I would draw somehting if ya want. i got a new style in the works. i’m trying to perfect this new thing.

About triztron

I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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1 Response to Part Deux

  1. Trista says:

    "HOW old was that? lol. that was like… wow… talk about a trip down Memory LAME… yes that what a bad pun is, but i\’m sticking to it"

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