Sitting here, at Goodlife. Forgot my wallet at home. Killing time. Organizing my inbox. Reading old emails between Li and I. So funny.
LOL alright enough robot talk, let’s get down to business! I’m going to post some of the best ones in this entry. They’re way too funny to leave alone. Oh and Li, I found your art website, through the checkage of old emails. It’s back on! Alright, this is an email I wrote to Li, in hopes of collaberating on some drawings that she had the option of doing for me. Ignore the fact that various members from both Good Charlotte AND Simple Plan pop in.
From: "Trista No Name" <>
Subject: Benji and his souls stealing story
Date: Thu, 07 Aug 2003 19:59:28 -0400

Uhh… I don’t remember what any of them look like.. maybe cuz I don’t  have the pic right now… I’ll look when I’m at my mom’s next. Uh as to drawing.. if you really want to.. I know you havn’t drawn for me in a while. OH! I bought the Simple Plan cd today. I’m such a loser. Oh well, they’re cool. Next on the list: Good Charlotte

Benji: I figured you would’ve bought our cd first

David: *sticks out his tongue* Ha ha! i win and you lose! It’s cuz I’m hotter right?

*shrugs* I just felt like buying Simple Plan first cuz that’s who I was listening to on the way out the door. but you are hot David.

David: But I’m not the reason you bought the cd?

I don’t like bands because members are hot! I’m not shallow you know. I don’t go buying cds because guys are hot. That’s what magazines are for. Speaking of which, how are joel and Billy? Are they causing you any grief?

Benji: You even have to ask? It’s Joel and Billy!

So? Oh, I’m going to write a story about the last time we talked.. where you gave Benji the power to steal souls. I’m gonna write a funny story about that. It’ll be great.

David: Am I in it?


David: WHAT!? WHY NOT?!

Because you weren’t part of the conversation. I’m gonna go before David has a hissy fit about everything I say that doesn’t involve him. TTYL! Say hi to Joel and Billy for me 😉



That was my email to her. I’ll post her reply in an entry right after this, so that it’s not one giant post of email. I hope you enjoy these Li. I love them almost as much as Sgt. Peterson. "Chester Bennington, you’re under arrest!"
"I see" Chester just likes to hear himself talk. LOL! Love it!

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