I went to Wal-Mart, jonesing for a chocolate covered marshamallow heart and when I made it to the box of said herts, I reached in and grabbed one, eager to get the hell out of Wal-mart and eat the delicious goodness in my hand. Once outside, I bought a Diet Pepsi and the machine shortchanged me 15 cents. Piece of shit vending machines. Li knows what I’m talking about when I say that drink machines and I have NEVER gotten along. So after a few choice expletives, I made my way back to the Superstore. I pull my marshmallow heart out of the bag, tear open the package and take a HUGE bite-only to discover that some scatterbrained IDIOT put CHERRY CREAM FILLED HEARTS IN WITH THE MARSHMALLOW HEARTS!! So now my jones has gone unsatisfied because I am WAY to lazy to walk back over to Wal-Mart for a marshmallow heart. And no, the stupid Superstore does have any. I can’t possibly understand why though. Marshmallow hearts are the shit. I could eat a hundred of them. And if there were Valentine’s Peeps, I would be ALL over those little sugar coated fulffs of heaven. As I sit here and eat my dinner, I can’t help but wish I had a marshmallow heart. I may have to run back over and purchase one…or two. Ow that was hot.
I was getting an application for Staples today (oh to work around all those pens and notebooks would be HEAVEN) and I realized that whenever I look my best, there are no hot guys around to see me. WHY is that? I mean, where is Jordan when my hair is perfect and I look skinny ‘cuz I’m all dressed in black? He’s no where to be found. But when my hair is flat and I’m wearing my Volcom sweater with my touque, BAM! There he is. I did see one hot guy today though. Chris Cove, A.K.A guy I used to play hearts with in the caf AND Frosh Man. He’s put on a little bit of weight though. So his face is a little rounder and he’s definitely not as lanky as I remember him being. But gosh darn it he is still just so cute ^_^ I had the HUGEST crush on him when we played hearts together. I will always remember the first time I shot the moon. It REALLY pissed him off because he got most of the hearts plus all the points from me s.t.m. Hahahaha Oh those Hearts days. I miss those days. Plus my brief stint as Jordan Porter’s Euchre partner. We won every game until we played Eric Knapp. I don’t think I ever beat Eric Knapp. Not many people did when he was with Brooks. Alright, enough nostalgia. I need to eat a marshmallow heart or I will die.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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5 Responses to CHERRY?!

  1. Genevieve says:

    Oh Trista, I know what Jonesing for food is like , TRUST me!!!   I need pudding some nights like theres no tomorrow. I had no idea you liked chocolate covered marshamellows so much . I LOVE THOSE. We should exchange one each for The Valentines day! wnat to ?

  2. Genevieve says:

    p.s conaaaan was here.

  3. jesse says:

    hey sorry for spelling i\’ve been drinking (yeah it\’s a monday night big deal). as for valinentiens day i say why the fuck are women so difficult to read and studd, i mean GOD!! wtf. huys are ez we are dumb you can read us with glassses you buy from the drug store. girls are so complicated. you hide stuff and the come up with insane (in a good way) ideas and shit. not bashing all girl some are cool but most of the time i have no clue what they are thinking at all. and just when i think i do everything turns upside down and i end up looking like a tool or something.  okay now to relate this to your blog. i like the cherry things better so it was probably someone like me that put that in there cause they are a dick to and just wanted to scew someone around.  ttyl. shast have a good one.

  4. Randy says:

    ewww…cherry cream…thats fucking gross. Its all about the marshmallow. Don\’t feel bad Trista, noone beats eric knapp at euchre, its like trying to look good with socks and sandals…just doesnt happen

  5. Jason says:

    Don\’t bother with the marshmellow hearts Con,
    I\’ve seen you eat coloured surgarc overed marshmellows in crappola shapes before.  They just end up shooting out of your nose.

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