A&W deals are dangerous

I went to the mall today, because I needed to check my balance, just to make sure my dad put my cheque in (which he didn’t). I was hungry. A&W had two mama burgers plus a large fry for only 5 bucks. I ate the WHOLE meal. I was so hungry. And now I’m mad at myself for being a cow and eating about 3,000 calories. I was all ready to walk it off by going to the train station and picking up my ticket, but I didn’t have my thing. I was SO pissed. So I walked to Dollarama instead and bought Lauren and little dolphin bag for her Non-Valentine’s Day present. It’s so cute. Which reminds me that I have to make a card for Jenna and buy her a marshmallow heart. Plus my watch battery died so I had to buy a new flippin’ battery which cost me five bucks! Mom lied to me and said it was only two. What does she know anyway?  Now my watch doesn’t beep when I press the glow button. I made the mistake of doing that during Harry Potter and I thought everyone around me was going to jump me. It was scary. Friggen French people.
I’ve been in this crazy drawing mood lately and I was delighted to learn that even though I haven’t actually drawn a person in almost two years, I got better. I started off drawing little 1/4 page sketches of Simple Plan and Dominic, but then I decided to go all out and draw a full page of the girl from Lacuna Coil. Didn’t really turn out like her, but it’s a pretty sweet shit drawing anyway. So now I’m drawing Adrien Brody and trying my damndest to get it perfect. I spent an hour drawing his nose, so by Jesse’s standards, I should be done with it by about February 16. In reality though, it is done and looks like his nose. I just need to re-do the eyes and mouth so that they look JUST like his. That will shut mom up. I don’t even know how I have the talent to draw a 22.9 cm by 30.5 cm drawing of a human being. I got lucky with Slash. SO lucky. It seems that there was something behind that after all though, since I can pump out a drawing of Christina Scabbia in little under two hours. Adrien Brody is going to take some time though, since I want it to actually look like Adrien Brody. Fuck I need a lot of practice. AND! On a totally unrelated topic, my blink 182 patch fell off my bag today. WHAT THE HELL IS WITH ALL THIS STUFF BREAKING ON ME?! My watch battery dies, my mp3 player has a siezure and my patch falls off. Yeah there could be worse things happening to me, BUT THAT IS UNACCEPTABLE! Now I have to sew the fucking thing on. I HATE SEWING PATCHES! They’re such a hassle. I can’t wait to get my money, so I can pay off my credit card and have no worries about interest piling up behind my back. Friggen credit card.
AND FRIGGEN SURVIVOR! JUST GO AWAY AND RID US ALL OF YOUR IDIOTIC CHALLENGES AND MORONIC CASTAWAYS WHO ACTUALLY BELIEVE THAT’S WHAT IT’S LIKE TO BE STRANDED! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD! I hate Survivor so much. The only good thing it ever did was put Ian on the show. Ian and his blue socks…that I think he wore with sandals-EW DIRTY IAN! Oh God I really do think he wore socks with sandals at some point. And his socks were bright blue. Oh Jeez. Ian, what the hell man?
I’m hungry.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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2 Responses to A&W deals are dangerous

  1. Randy says:

    man that A and W offer is fuckin sweet, tho, its a shit load of food…lol and im soooo sick of Survivor, it just started and I already wish it was over, and American Idol, im tired of that asshole simon going off on one of his power trips thinking he is god\’s gift to music.
    neways, adrien brody picture looks great, he is all nose, just like in real life…lol

  2. Genevieve says:

    OH Trista,
    im sorry your having such bad luck. But it seams like your finding some homour out of it  all , which in a way means your turning it into something positive.  Im totally looking foreward to ouur valentines day exchange 🙂 this will be the best valentines day yet.
    p.s – dont mouth your mo, she\’s super tuff , and could whoop your ass.
    "AJ" is here — hesays hey— i dontknow why he\’s calling himself AJ ,whenhisnameis jason, but i dont ask questions…

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