I fukcing want your children…WHOAH!

I love my little notebook. Thanks to Matt Taggart for that awesome quote of the night. I found it after remembering that people wrote in my notebook. I don’t know if the space will let me post the word without asterixes, so if there are letters replced by the stars, blame MSN.
I was at SLC today, incidentally, and all was well until both Matt and Jason made a big deal out of #3 walking by us all while we were sitting in the hall. BIG FRIGGEN DEAL! Honestly, I don’t care what happened on saturday/sunday. It doesn’t mean either of us are obligated to acknowledge each other’s presence. Seriously. There will be no sleep lost by me if #3 NEVER looks at me again. Sure it wouldn’t really be all that cool if things got awkward…since I’m kinda friends with a couple people who are at rez a lot and it would make things awkward for them. But I won’t go home and cry into my pillow, wondering why he never talked to me after that. Now if HE was crying into his pillow wondering why I never talked to him, I would laugh. And laugh. And laugh at him. Mainly because I can be a real bitch if I want to. OK so…what? Oh right. If he wants to be a dick about it (which he currently isn’t) then go right ahead. I won’t mind at all.
WOAH! I was just in the sauna for 15 minutes and now I’m pink! Like a strawberry marshmallow heart! It was ilke a sauna in there! Ha ha…oh I loved that show. Even if it was about absolutely nothing. It still had its moments. Holy crap I am SO hot from the sauna! My pants are burning my legs and I think that my fingers melted into the pen I was usuing to do Sudoku. Oh yes. I brought The Lauren a present today, in a dolphin gift bag of course because of The Ian. It was a chocolate bar and a nice card that I got her when I was feeling a little lonely one day. No one else was around and I thought of her. ANYWAY! Back to my story. I went into TISS to leave it for her, and I realized that I had only written The Lauren on the tag. I asked Mr. O’Neil if I should write her last name on it, but he said no, he’d get it to her. So I’m talking to her right now, and apparently they called her down to the office and asked her if she was The Lauren. I wish I’d been there to see them say that! LOL. It was luck that they got her on the first try because they didn’t know who to call, since there was no last name on the card. Why? BECAUSE MR. O’NEIL IS A DOUCHE! She got it though and I hope she was nice and surprised to get a nice little present from The Trista. It would have made me feel like I was being thought about. You know what? Fuck sudoku. It’s a little bitch game and I hate it. Almost as much as I hate Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. They are both stupid idiots. If their child is born on the same day as me, I will fly to wherever they are "saving" the world and shoot them both right between the eyes. Then I will take the child and raise it was my own. It will wear glasses and be the smartest baby in the world, with no idea that I killed its real parents. It will be like a mini me. I’d have to take all their millions too, just so I could support us both. Cuz I mean…single motherhood doesn’t become me. I’d NEVER hit a home run again with a kid. Not that I ever will anyway, at the rate I’m going. THE DANNY! Get out here and get me back in the game bitch!
OK I really should go now. This has gone on long enough and I refuse to stand for any more absurdity!
ps. I had to switch the c and the k in the title. But you get the jyst of it.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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4 Responses to I fukcing want your children…WHOAH!

  1. .Lauren. says:

    the trista is my hero and i love her
    the trista is my bf and i love her
    the trista is my shining start and i love her
    the trista will always be my trista
    the end
    p.s i can eat a mars bar faster than any human should be able to
    25 minutes later
    ahhh fucking mars bar, why ccant i eat you without laughing?
    the end again

  2. .Lauren. says:

    okay okay to correct my spelling errors in previous post
    star, not start
    cant not ccant
    or until my next comment correcting the spelling on this one
    mwhhaha just joking i spell checked

  3. jesse says:

    um.. one problem……… the kid can only be your mini me for a little while it\’s bound to get taller as it gets older.  but by all means feel free to kill them.
    oh and btw the lauren. i\’ve seen you eat a mars bar and your on i can eat one faster then you.  shall we have an eating contest… say 5 o-clock under the monkey bars.
    btw. if i have spelling mistakes tough bannanas

  4. Genevieve says:

    That sucks you were at SLC the same day I wasn\’t. #3 can eat a dick. he should eat his own dick, that would be funny… and then he\’s be a loser about it , and act all weird to himself, and not look at himself… I dont know where I was going  with that one ,      but…when in rome..totally sucks i missed a chance to hang out wiht you again at the good \’ol slc . Who knew local college could actually be fun.

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