So you know what little detail I left out of all my blogs about the weekend? The fact that Jenna and I ran against the wind with out coats open. It was so windy on Sunday that we just thought it would be funny to run against the wind with wide open coats ballooning up behind us. It was so awesome and I wished I’d had a kite. Or a camera. I also watched American Pie on Saturday and everytime Blink 182 was supposed to be on the screen, I would point at the screen and go: BLINK 182! BLINK 182 AGAIN! God I was drunk. And I’m going to get drunk again this weekend. WHOO HOO!!
Alright now on to the serious stuff. I watched Se7en today and it’s really a good movie. I totally called what was in that box. And I only said it as a joke. It was good though. Morgan Freeman is the bomb anyway plus it has Brad Pitt before he was a dick. Directed by the same guy who did Fight Club. Oh Edward Norton…mmmmmm. I loved him in Red Dragon. God that man is HAWT, as the freako people who spell it that way would say. Me? I prefer the word gorgeous. But only when applied to people who really are just that. Gorgeous. Like The Danny. Or Edward Norton. Gorgeous guys are few and far between in Brockville. All the good ones are already taken. Off hand I can’t think of any, but I’m sure there are a few. Jordan Sparling is one of them for sure. But that’s all I can think about.
I should cut this one short because I’m watching Dead Like Me, which is a sweet show. Plus I need to type up my resume, so I can get a fucking job at Staples. I wish I was a grim reaper. It would be so cool.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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3 Responses to BLINK 182…BLINK 182 AGAIN!!!

  1. .Lauren. says:

    so im pretty sure that was the most random blog of all time which makes me happy because i love you
    how many roads must a man walk down before he realizes he will never be as amazing as Morgan Freeman ?
    p.s trista is the coolest person this side VD and you all know its true
    p.s i think a random fact site about John Stamos would be a big hit
    P.s whats the standard attiquite on p.s.\’s.. cuz i think i broke it miserably in this reply

  2. jesse says:

    i wish you were the grim reaper to that would be sweet. you could kill alll the stupid people in the world. and some ugly people to just for god measure….. to tired to type remind me to finish what i am saying

  3. Genevieve says:

    The wind was soo strong that day I was convinced we\’d FLY if we ran fast enough and caught enough wind in our coats.  Someday!  I just have to lay off those puddings and twinkies…. and  hungarian goulash — lol  ( if i ate hungarian goulash) I hear it\’s not bad…
    I think Matt Gilliger knows a good recipie1 part packeaged goulash
    2 parts slamming  into the floor.
    Wipe off the wall and enjoy 🙂

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