Man…I so kicked Li’s ass in Tekken. Yeah she beat me a couple times, but I won the most games. Then I switched characters and she whooped my ass. I was sooooo pissed. And I was getting hit on by so mant guys for being such an awesome Tekken player. Either that or the fact that my shirt was down to here *points to the space under my breasts* Yeah I think it was the video games. *scoffs* Whatever. I’m hot. Oh and her character’s name was LEE. Not LI, like her. Yeah hang on, she wants to write something.
Li: I was Ok. the michelle girl has some kick ass moves that Lee just didn;t have.,,, but …like….um… anne sucked so then I won the last game. yay me! I am like… better at other stuff. we are npth pretty effin drunk. you know what? girls: heres some advise! advice… we were like playing video games at like lots of guys stopped to talk to us and were like "girls don’t play video games!" and gave us so much attention. trista here got like a guiy at space and i screwed up vy being like "HI! you wanna head off to another club now?" sorry trista!!!!! Z:(:(:(:( i
‘m dumb some days. anyway i wanna sleeeeep!
Man it’s alright about the guy from Space. Tee hee he sounds like an alien. Space is a club, just so you know. And this guy was HOT. And you know what? I could have told you to eff off and go talk to Casey some more. It was MY choice. If I had made the right choice, I could be doing it right now. But I’m happy with the choice I made, even it was a bit wrong. And you know what? Video games are kick ass. I used to play those arcade style games with my dad when I used to spend weekends with him at the bowling alley. I so miss those days. And how nice was it of those girls to give me that cup of water when I was like…passing out on the bar? SO cool. So cool that I was rejuvinated to play Tekken 2. I love that game. Soooooo much. I love those fighting games. I could just kick ass on those games ALL night. God I love Tekken. And STreet Fighter. Hey, Matt Taggart! DO they have any of those cool games for Xbox? Cuz if they do, we should so play them one day. I will straight up murder your ass! Ha ha ha no seriously. I have to go. I’m going to watch Fritz The Cat. It’s about a horney cat who goes through college. And it’s cartoon. WEIRD! Night all! Hope you had as much fun as I did.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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2 Responses to Toast

  1. Jason says:

    Con, tough break on Hot dude at Space. If it means anythin, I didn\’t accomplish what was set out for me either. I had tons of fun and other things happened, but the I never did get to show off my full skills. Maybe someday…hopefully sooner than later.

    I guess we are a pretty solid tag-team still!

    -AJ Riverz

  2. .Lauren. says:

    i love trista
    glad you had a good evening.. 
    im pretty sure calling people at midnight to wish them a happy birthday is the best idea anyone\’s ever come up with
    – this comment is not only pointless but irrelivent too, enjoy-

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