Let’s keep this one simple

Ok so I watched Red Eye AND Batman Begins yesterday and I totally forgot that Cillian Murphy was in the latter. When he popped up(looking MIGHTY fine in his Jonathan Crane glasses) I was like: OH YEAH! He’s in this! Man I forgot how hot he is. See he’s not much to look at in 28 Days later, because of the hair, but he has the accent so it’s balanced. God Irish men are hot. Mmm…Cillian Murphy’s Irish accent. And he’s uber hot in Red Eye. He can even rock the woman’s scarf that he steals and wraps around his neck. Mmmm…Cillian Murphy in a scarf. Mmmm… Cillian Murphy in the Jonathan Crane glasses. Mmm…Cillian Murphy. Now he’s man pretty. All the time. All the time man pretty. And he plays SUCH a creepy bad guy! He scared the shit out of me in Red Eye. As did Christian Bale in Batman Begins. Well they were both scary in that. He even made a good Bruce Wayne, which is rare. Bale made an excellent Batman AND Bruce Wayne. The only thing that fucked up that movie was Katie Holmes. I really HATE her. But back to Christian Bale scaring the shit out of me. He had a really scary Batman voice and when he’s Christian Bale, he’s so soft spoken and scary that all I can think is: Patrick Bateman, Patrick Bateman. FUCK! Christian Bale, why do you have to be so creepy? And kind of hot sometimes. He’s touch and go with me. I think this entry calls for some random photos of Cillian Murphy. And maybe one or two of Christian Bale/Batman. There’s going to be quite a few of Cillian Murphy. I will just put them in My Blog Photos. Mmm…Cillian Murphy.

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