Away Laughing on a Fast Camel

This entry would best be started with one simple sentence from The Trista: THE TRISTA IS THE UNEMPLOYED. Yes that is the right. I have no the job. BUt I am the OK with that because I am trying to get a full time job anyways. Since I am hordly home to answer the phone anyway (unless Staples calls tomorrow) I am going to march into Staples and ask about the job. DId I get it? DiD I not? I don’t even care about all the typos I’m making because I had a strange and unusual day. I went and purchased new glasses (3 for 1) at Laurier Optical. SO they should be ready in about a week. They are REALLY cool too. All three pairs of them. The #1 could no possibly resist me in these hot shit glasses. The deal was pay for one pair full price and get two free. One free pair was normal and the other was sunglasses. What with sunny season approaching, I couldn’t possibly say no to that deal. Two hundred and sixtey-seven dollars and three sweet ass pairs of glasses later, I am walking around "The Shopping Centre" with a bounce in my step. That’s when I decide to bite the bullet and talk to The #1. Except that The #1 was not at The Work. My bounce was a little less bouncy as I left "The Shopping Centre." But then The blink 182 came on The mp3 player and all was right in the world. So I decided to hike back to GoodLife and cut through the mall so I can see Cute-chubby-Chris-Cove (wow that was a lot of alliteration) in his beautiful green shirt. *sigh* He’s still as cute as he ever was. And as I’m walking back, I run into Randy. So of course I stop and talk and tell him about The #1. As we’re talking, The #1 drives by in his car. I was so shocked and surprised that I started walking with Randy in the direction of the mall. Deciding I need to check my bank balance, we go into the mall and I figure I can talk to The #1 about my Super Sexy Scarf being at his house. To make a long story shorter, I told him I’d call him to figure out a good time to "drop off" his shirt. I hope he finds that scarf because it has friggen POCKETS! POCKETS IN A SCARF! I would be SO upset if I never saw it again. More crushed than if The #1 had no feelings for me other than friendship. Mmm…I would love to be drunk with him again. He’s so beautiful. I better be careful with what I write from now on, in the off chance I sound like a stalker. I’m really not I swear. SOMEONE ANSWER THAT DAMN PHONE! I got really bored and decided to add some colour to this entry. Now that I have no job for a little while, I should have no problem spicing up the little things in my life. What with all this free time I have. I should read. OR! Be a writer and actually do some friggen writing for a change!

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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4 Responses to Away Laughing on a Fast Camel

  1. Jason says:

    So, I forgot to mention in my last comment in you\’re other blog and I thought the mood was gone, but since you mentioned Staples I hope the mood is still lingering slightly.
    I hope you get a job at Staples to…so you can buy my lip tattoo…and then I will buy you drinks at bars…like normal and all will be well. 
    And now my comment for this Entry.
    SCARFS WITH POCKETS ARE HANDS DOWN THE BEST KIND OF SCARFS!!  A certain someone I usta date had a pair…they rock!   Def talking about the scarfs!

  2. .Lauren. says:

    def for sure

  3. jesse says:

    AAAHHHH!!!!!  jesse has been drinking to much to be able to read.. i;ll post again tomow

  4. jesse says:

    first off 3 pairs of eye wear eh… your crazy.. and pockets in scarfs is nuts  i mean who could even think of that.. he must be rich.. rich as the guy that invented the piano key neck tie.. i mean thats kist sweet..  
    ps. yeah i don\’t like the dentist either. 
    ps. i woke up drunk today  mmm best start to a day i can think of.

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