Erlack a pongoes!

Man, I love reading. Yeah I guess that makes me a huge nerd, but some books are just SO funny. It really makes me wish I could write a book that awesome. Not a funny book necessarily, but a book that people will sit down and read in one sitting. Or try to read in one sitting. A book so gripping that people will struggle ’til the last page to put down. That’s the kind of book I want to write. And I will. Maybe not now, or tomorrow or the next day. But someday. Watch for my name, because I’m sure by then I will have no shame about seeing my name in print. Or…I’ll probably have a pen last name. Something cool like…Cock’enshell or something. Unless people want to buy a book written by Trista Brugma. I know I wouldn’t. Then again I don’t really look at the author’s name. I read the blurb on the back and then rifle through the book, read a few pages and buy it if it sounds any good. So maybe that’s how I will snag faithful readers. And with really cool titles like Take a Look To The Sky. For a fantasy novel I am currently writing. (What the shit? Who in the blue hell would RENT a Louis Vitton hand bag? CRAZY people) I wish I could think of a compelling and gripping title for my current thriller serial killer novel. But titles are hard and I’ve never really been good with them. Titles suck ass anyway.
Why is my title "Erlack a pongoes?" you may be asking yourself. Well a) PONGOES is a funny word and b) it is because my mom and step dad are disgusting about kissing. My step dad is just vile on his own and he makes really rude inapropriate comments ALL the time (which is why if I ever do have another boyfriend or get married, I am NEVER bringing the guy home) and is just gross. I can’t take much more of this "erlack a pongoes" behaviour. Really I can’t. It’s so unbelievebly intolerable! There is no way she is happy in this life. URG! Why do people settle for shit when they can have so much more? Honestly. It really sucks. Maybe that’s why I’m still single. I know what I want and I haven’t found it yet. Well, I have, but I haven’t GOTTEN it yet. That’s more of the situation. But I’m working on that. Anyway, there have been a couple chances for me to have a boyfriend, but it would have involved me settling. No thanks man. I know what I want and now that I have this new found personality that involves me actually talking to guys I like, I am totally going for it. Just as soon as Monday rolls around. Phone number? CHECK. Excuse to call? Check. Phone? Uh…check. Quarter for the phone? Check. Use of mom’s cell incase I can’t find said quarter? Oh there will be a check. Jeez. All this prep work over a silly boy. *sigh* Not just ANY silly boy though. THE silly boy. Oh yes. There will be blood. Ooops, wrong entry. LOL I watched Saw 2 last night with my mom and all she could talk about was the guy at the beginning who gets his head clamped by a death mask and pretty much dies on the spot. She thought he was quite hot. As did I but I actually watched the rest of the movie after his unfortunate departure in the first ten minutes. I can’t expect much though, since she  today thought I was holding up MEN IN BLACK, when I clearly said X-MEN and held up the shiny silver case. Then three movies later, she asked me why I didn’t have X-Men, since Hugh Jackman is the hottest Aussie on the planet. I almost threw my book at her, but I was quite enjoying it. So I settled for mockery instead. Which is fitting, considering she confused Men in Black with X-Men. Nitwit.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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4 Responses to Erlack a pongoes!

  1. Genevieve says:

    When in doubt… think to yourself,   WWCND?
    We\’re going to have the best underpants in town!

  2. jesse says:

    books eh… i think they are evil.. but if you wirte a book i will read it.. maybe even in one sitting..  but it would have to be short.. or have lots of pics cause i am retarded and read slowly.  ps.. i\’ll give you a quarter if you need one..  ps. i want to see saw 2 so badly.. but i am suposed to see it this week with someone so i should be happy about that soon.  anyways.. i am out of stuff to say so i\’ll ttyl

  3. jesse says:

    ps.. i don\’t like the dentist either

  4. Jason says:

    Con,  I\’ll read your book in one sitting…or wait for it to be on tape and then i\’ll listen to it while I sleep and maybe it will make me quit smoking.
    And once I become you new step-dad, you can bring over any boys and I\’ll treat them with the upmost respect.   I also plan on doing some made intimidation so it kinjda evens out.

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