This has been an eventful March Break. Aside from feelings for a certain somebody getting stronger, I spent the entire week at Genna’s house, sleeping in her bed and pretty much just laughing for six days straight. Her computer is broken, so that’s why I’m only sharing this experience with you now. Not like I was mad or thinking about MSN all week. In fact, it was a nice refreshing change to devote the whole day to actually having fun without having to worry about who was on MSN. Although I did break down mid week and call Jazon and ask hiim to see who was online. But that was because we were just really bored and wanted to see if anyone was back yet, from running away during the strike. But everyone is still gone. Taggart is loving life in B.C and just exhausting himself. And he decided to stay an extra week, which means he won’t be back until next sunday. Jerk. Juuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuust kidding Matt. Enjoy the warm weather while you can. Anyway this one may have to be short, as I am on dial up at my Grandma’s and she gets a little pissed when I’m online for a long time. Plus I need to call Jeanvive and see what is going on in her world today. And deliver some news. All good too. When I return to the land of high speed, I will update the public on what I did this week, although in comparison to Matt, it’s pretty tame. But being in BC, he has an excuse.

About triztron

I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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3 Responses to WOAH!!

  1. jesse says:

    jesse likes bc.. jesse want to go now……… someone take me!!!

  2. Matthew says:

    I\’m stranded on Vancouver Island!  SHIT!!

  3. Genevieve says:

    Vancouvers for homos…. GO BROCKVEGAS !!!…where it\’s colder, has less than nothing to do, the only protesters are the 3 teachers that sit infront of SLC,  and where Jeanvieve resides of course 😉

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