The Letter

   Dear executive producers of CSI: NY,


I was rather disappointed when I purchased season one of CSI: NY on DVD and watched episode 103: Creatures of the Night. Stella has a shower scene and, so far, is the only character to have been granted that opportunity. What I want to know is: Where is Danny’s shower scene? I’m not searching for full frontal nudity; all I’m asking for is Carmine Giovinazzo to be topless. And if you feel the need to throw in a shot of his very nice bum, you will not be getting a follow up letter. I’m not asking much. Just a short scene of Danny in the shower. You’ve teased us Danny lovers long enough with the prospect of a shirtless Danny. I think it’s time for him to lose that white beater. Don’t you agree?



Waiting in the Shower


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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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One Response to The Letter

  1. Jason says:

    Ya….and if you could somehow to find a way to toss in a shower scene with Lindsay Lohan…it would be much appreciated….and I\’m not asking for full frontal nudity either…but it sure does help.
    PS.  Please don\’t put her in the shower with "Danny"  I\’ll be over come with jealousy and nobody wants that
    PPS. Go Astros!

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