Like the Angel

MYSTERY SOLVED! My little bitch sister stole my shoes and then put them back in their place, claiming they’d been there the whole time. Sorry to disappoint you sister, but we AREN’T that stupid. You either took them to wear yourself, OR you caught your friends with them and are, for some reason, sticking up for them. I know if I caught any of my friends stealing from my sisters, my mom would know. And my mom would kung fu their asses before they even had a chance to figure out what was flying at their heads. Honestly I think if my mom were to fight Chuck Norris, although Chuck Norris would blatently still win, it would be a pretty sweet fight. Sorry mom, but I think even you know that Chuck Norris could defeat anyone, no matter how much BodyCombat they know.
So what did I really come here for? Well now that I’ve ingested Teddy Grahams and learned the fate of my shoes, I totally forget. OH YEAH! Two words for you: KING KONG. That lovable ape of Skull Island is out on DVD today and guess who bankrupted themselves to but one of the first copies? Of course it was me. It was totally worth it to because this movie is the eighth wonder of the world. Unless you really count the fictional monkey as the eighth wonder. Then, aside from you actually believing Kong exists, the movie would be the ninth wonder to you. Which would make you FAIRLY nuts-o in the head. You should probably see a doctor about that. NOW! OK back to Kong being awesome. I have been waiting for this movie’s release on DVD since I first saw it way back in December. It was a much anticipated release, I must say. So much in fact, that I couldn’t wait for the money to afford the special edition. But as soon as I have that money, that special two disc edition is MINE bitches. And I will watch every single goddamn feature on those discs, even if it kills me. If I can sit through forty+ minutes of Orgazmo outtakes, I think I can handle a little bit of extra Kong action. Expecially if some of that extra action includes Adrien Brody sans clothes in ANY single way. It probably won’t but hey. A girl can dream can’t she? Speaking of Adrien Brody, I really need to get off my ass and rent The Thin Red Line, for two big reasons.
A) It’s a war movie. I am so fond of war movies it makes me wonder why I only have one
B) It has a stellar cast, which does happen to include Adrien Brody (whom I am also fond of)
So those are my two reasons for wanting to rent the Thin Red Line. Oh and C) I haven’t seen all of it yet. That’s always a good reason for renting a movie. Hmm…now that I think about it, I haven’t seen as many war movies as I would like. I’ve only seen about six or seven and there are SO many more out there that I have yet to experience. Note to self: Have own personal war movie night.
I hope I don’t forget to do that. Of course I will. I only have one war movie and it’s Black Hawk Down, which isn’t the greatest movie to start a marathon with. Now if it was Saving Private Ryan…ah Giovanni Ribisi. And Adam Goldberg. And Tom Hanks! I need to stop before I over excite myself and let myself down when I remember that I have no money to rent said movies. DAMMIT! *looks over at Kong* Damn you! *picks up movie* I can’t stay mad at you when you’re as awesome as you are.
Guys are SO much more trouble than they are actually worth sometimes. I AM SO SICK OF BOYS! Especially smug boys who think that all girls like them. Well you know what? I DON’T like you. Now leave me alone.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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2 Responses to Like the Angel

  1. .Lauren. says:

    the trista
    is the best

  2. Jason says:

    QUESTION: Why is Waldo hiding?___________________________________________________________
    Sorry Con, but if my abundant knowledge of useless junk better off left unknown is correct, I believe Chyna is the 9th wonder of the world.  At least thats what JR use to call her.
    ANSWER: Because Chuck Norris is looking for him

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