Tentatively Titled

I HATE THE HANDICAPPED SHOWER AT GOODLIFE! That shower and I are not on good terms right now. I was too lazy to take my clothes off and have a real shower, so I just figured I’d go into the handicapped shower and flip my head over and wash my hair that way. And it was working, until I put the shower head down to grab my shampoo. That’s when EVERYTHING went wrong. OK well not everything but a good chunk of things. I didn’t realize how much water pressure was running through the fawcett, but it was powerful enough to whirl around and drench my pants. So imagine me, bent over with sopping wet hair, a shower head spraying water all over my rolled up jeans. Needless to say I was soaked from the waist down. And I couldn’t do anything about it either, I had to finish washing my hair. So what was I to do? I had one pair of pants and they were soaking wet. Well, me being the ingenuitive person that I am, I tunred the sauna up to it’s highest heat and put my pants in there to dry. But I didn’t just lay them out. Oh no, I had to be a little asshole and set them up to look like someone had been sitting in them and just melted away. It was quite the sight to see. A lone pair of pants just chillin in the sauna, waiting to dry. Of course I couldn’t leave the changeroom, since I had no pants on. I have this bright blue towel, with green fishes on it. So picture that, with a studded belt around it to keep it up. And I was stuck like that for about half an hour, just chillin in the change room in a friggen towl. And when I finally did get my pants out of the sauna, I had forgotten to roll them down so they were wet all down the calves of my legs. What a fucking day. Then it was off to rez to watch King Kong. It got much better when Brennan (who is constantly high) and Taggart (who was also high I’m sure) started voicing Kong’s inner monologue during his T-Rez fight. Good times. I love going to rez and listening to the high firefighters.

About triztron

I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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4 Responses to Tentatively Titled

  1. jesse says:

    question…… um.. why does a gym on a second floor have a hacdiapped shower.. actually why have one at all…. not like they can work out all that much if they can\’t move there legs or something.. ah well i guess someone smarter then me planned this all out.. and i can deal with that.. and you should stop lying to us…. from what i was told today you probably got your pants wet on purpose just to check out your options at the gym or something.. OR you peed yourself and are trying to cover it up.. weither way i wouldn\’t mind spending a half hour in a womens change room.. – the old women and – the really physicaly scray women.. and for another thing.. king kong is so so so emo.. he cryes like every 3 seconds (or so). and  i don\’t think anyone can be funnier then those 2 you went to see king kong with.. they are the best and most funny people ever..
    ps. i know there in an elevator

  2. .Lauren. says:

    yeah.. i agree with previous comment leaver.. you should watch that super emo movie only with the two people you went to see it with
    that and i think the scarriest part would be the legless pants in the sauna..

  3. Jason says:

    If I may I\’d like to take an line from your blog and point out the humour within it.
    "A lone pair of paints just chillin in the sauna, waiting to dry"
    Get it, because the sauna\’s hot… and the pants were chillin… implying that the sauna wasn\’t hot at all…it was rather cold…. and it\’s rare to find a sauna in that state….cold….because they\’re hot… therefor pants can\’t chill…..can they?
    And remember, No matter how bad your day is, remember, you don\’t have AIDS or a STD.  Knowing that always makes life good again.

  4. Genevieve says:

    Matt –"omg… for a second i thought that was Jack Black!!"Everyone—"That is Jack Black.. your high!"LOL

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