At night the weasels come

That has got to be my all time favourite AJ writer’s craft quote. Especially since he has no clue he said it.
Alright now, aside from the fact I woke up this morning and couldn’t breathe, I knew today would be great. And I was 100% correct. It was a good day. Jesse says it was my lucky day today and he’s right. Ladybugs really are good luck. Honest! I was looking too hard for them and then I just decided to stop searching and they all found me. Although I could really use some water. I’m so parched! Wait, is it ok to have tylenol and a swig of Sourpuss? I mean it’s not like I’m gonna get drunk. Ok so here’s a list of all the things that went right in my day today
1) It was so beautiful outside I went for an awesome walk
2) There was mail
3) I had an ice cold bottle of water
4) People I thought were ignoring me, actually weren’t
5) I had nice conversations that didn’t once feel awkward
6) I found old Revolver magazines that I thought my mom had thrown out
7) Genna is feeling a lot better  WHOO GENNA! You are my hero!
8) Ladybugs were all around me today
9) I looked hot today
10) I’m losing weight
All in all a good day. Except that AJ just ruined it by telling me the status of the Chyna X-Pac sex tape. Bad form AJ, bad form. And Taggart is keeping secrets, but I respect that he’s keeping them. He just shouldn’t rub them in my face because it puts a damper on my good cheer. Shame on you Matt Taggart for taunting me with secrets. LOL I’m just kidding. Taunt away. NOTHING CAN RUIN MY GOOD DAY! Man today was a GREAT day

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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One Response to At night the weasels come

  1. jesse says:

    i\’d like to go on record as having said trista i was right.. personnaly i think i am always right.. i mean how could i not me.. i\’m me…
    ps. i\’m glad i was right and that you had a great day.. but why take tylonal just drink.. always works or me…

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