Now who’s useless?

Uh that would definitely NOT be me. Nucomm called me today and I guess I start tomorrow. Well at least for a few hours of testing. And I have to admit that I am excited. See, this means I don’t have to be living in this shithole anymore. I’m trading it in for an apartment in Brockvegas. Maybe then I’ll feel a little better when I wake up in the morning. Even though I felt pretty awesome when I woke up this morning I felt pretty damn good. Then I watched Sorority Boys and did some dishes. No thinking for Trista. Thinking and I aren’t on good terms, seeing as it makes me really sullen and quiet. And who wants to hang out with someone like that? NOT ME!
OK but onto serious business now. I’d love to sit here and regail you with happy times in the world of Trista, but I have some things I need to mull over. And "mull" is not a fancy word for think. I swear to God. The serious business involves Atreyu and the new issue of Revolver. Now one of the perks of getting the new issue of Revolver every month is the pullout of the cover story. I have to point out that they have some excellent pullouts: Viva La Bam and Slayer; HIM; Guns ‘N Roses, Angela Gossow from Arch Enemy…the list goes on. But when I got the May issue with Atreyu on the cover, do you think there was a pullout of them? Of course not! They had one for Avenged Sevenfold, so why not Atreyu, huh? Instead I get this centerfold/pullout of some gay ass shit about ordering cds online. VICTORY RECORDS MY ASS! I WANT ATREYU YOU BITCHES! And it’s BOTH sides. What the hell Revolver, what the hell? I think I need to write another letter and bitch. Why would you waste a centerfold on advertising? What the fuck man? I’m a little irate about this centerfold business. You can’t put Atreyu on the cover, write an AWESOME article about them and then not deliver the poster. It’s such a let down, like having really bad sex that just does NOT leave you satisfied. And no, I haven’t had bad sex lately that would require me to mask my lack of fulfillment with a rant about no Atreyu poster. I really am pissed off I didn’t get that Atreyu poster. It would have been sweet, I just know it. They should have used the head on a platter picture as a poster. See! That would have been cool. Now I have to tear up my magazine and make my own Atreyu poster. Stupid Revolver. Quit slacking losers!

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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One Response to Now who’s useless?

  1. jesse says:

    man sorority boys is a sweet movie.  and although i\’m not a band poster person persay (although i love music and posters [why don\’t i like band posters{thats wierd}]) i could see how you would be dissapointed that alot of build up with no release. bastards!..ah well what can ya do… other then kill em.

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