Your mom is frowned upon

Well, I guess I can safely say that Thrice is amazing. If it wasn’t clear enough to me before, it sure is now. I saw them live last night at Taste of Chaos and…wait there was something else too. Oh yeah I met them. They seemed like pretty cool down to earth guys. Not all hung up about how practically everyone who went to TOC, went to see them. Genna even made Riley a button and he pinned it to his pants. That’s why Riley is the shit, in my books. Well, that and "I’m sitting to the captain’s chair!" Teppei is just as cute in person as he is in pictures and videos. But Riley is the coolest. We had to sacrifice seeing Silverstein play (oh darn…NOT), but who cares when you’re fifth in line to meet Thrice? Yeah I didn’t think so. But in exchange for missing Silverstein play, we had to go to their signing. No big deal I thought. Until the teeny boppers behind us mentioned that Atreyu was playing at 7:40. Seeing as we were pretty far back in the Silverstein line and it was already 7:30, I left because I really don’t give a rat’s ass about getting some band’s autographs when Atreyu is playing. Considering I had a big rant about not getting an Atreyu poster from Revolver (which was totally rectifyed last night), there was NO WAY I was missing them play live. And I was SO right to leave that line up and go see them, because they put on an awesome show. Admittedly not as excellent as Thrice, BUT a very close second. Now the only band I want to see live is Rise Against. Then I could probably die happy. There was so much free shit at TOC! We got so many free posters and buttons and cds and stickers. It was excellent. Oh yeah and I got to actually SEE Atreyu. Up close at their signing, not just on stage, which was sweet. I even got an Atreyu poster for all my troubles. So all in all my night was pretty excellent. Even after Genna and I got lost finding the house we were crashing at. The black guys on the bus who were "throwing down some freestyles" made it all worth while.
"Beef is when a nigga says MY EYE!"
Oh yeah and we didn’t even stay to hear the Deftones play. I kinda wanted to see them, but it’s no tragic loss that I didn’t. Next time. Now I have to go see something about Warped Tour.
P.S: In the middle of Thrice’s set, some guy just randomly yelled "Yeah" in a Lil’ John voice. Who does that?

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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2 Responses to Your mom is frowned upon

  1. Genevieve says:

    Taste of Chaos was the best impulse purchase we\’ve ever made Trista!  Warped Tour is comin\’ up next!!! yeay!!! P.s – next trip ( of many to come)  lets NOT run up the down escalator!!!

  2. jesse says:

    yeah it would be sweet to see rise against.. oh wait i have seen them twice!!.. they rock ass..  and as for WARP TOUR.. fuck yeah i am def going!!!  it was so sweet in french ville…  anyways i think thats all o got.. oh wait.. SOAD is a band i have to see live.. i hear they are the shit in concert

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