All the nice things…

OK before I get going on today’s entry, I just want to state two things: A) Pool, I didn’t even know there was a band called "A Wilhelm Scream" I was using it as a title because it’s used a running movie gag and I have no idea what it means, although I looked it up. SO it sort of fit with my entry about knowing what something means, but not actually knowing how to put it into context. Sorry for the confusion  and B) This was something I wrote for a book I’m writing and I just thought it was something nice, as sort of a break from all the philosophical rants and ridiculous commentaries about what goes on in my life. Plus Genna got me in a nostalgic mood when it comes to my writings. Listening to "Open Arms" by Journey probably doesn’t help the matter either. Anyway, this was something my character Oliver  had written about Evan and I thought it was a nice sentiment. So here it is ladies and gentlemen.
I could never ask for anyone other than Evan. He is fantastic, he is supurb. He is all the nice things I could ever say about someone. He is all those fantastic things and more. No one has treated me the way he treats me and no one has made me laugh as loud or as much as he has. No one hasever made me so comfortable, like he has. He keeps me alert; leaves me wondering what he will do next. But at the same time, he relaxes me and makes me feel natural. He never pressures me. He never leaves me feeling uneasy. He puts smile after smile on my face and he keeps them there. If there were ever anyone who could restore my faith in love and relationships, he would be it. He makes this place worth staying in. He puts meaning to these boring buildings and pathetic people. He is not afraid. He is the red in my paintings; that one patch of crimson on an otherwise bland canvas. He is that one person that people spend their whole lives wishing they’d met or held onto. He is everything.
Yeah so there you have it. A love confession from Oliver to his journal. Evan is his best friend, by the way. If anyone was wondering at all. And he does end up being with Evan, he’s just worried about being gay. It’s long and complicated, but I liked the sentiment behind it. Being happy in your life really makes you look at things differently. I ADORE it.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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One Response to All the nice things…

  1. Jason says:

    Great Triz,
    way to ruin the end of Brokeback Mountain for me!
    I knew they both got it in the end, but I didn\’t know that they got together in the end.  O well, im not that upset, you just saved me from watchin 2+ hrs of crap

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