If I’m such a good person, why do bad things keep happening?
If I’m so hard to love, why am I always alone?
If I’m happy, why do I find ways to screw it up?
If I’m too good for this town, why does it act like it’s too good for me?
If I’m a believer in karma, why isn’t karma a believer in me?
If I’m a nice girl, why does that mean I have to finish last?
If I’m up till dawn watching over you, why don’t you remember me?
If I’m there to take care of you, why do you walk away?
If I’m trying to help, why don’t you understand?
If I’m only good to you when you’re drunk, why am I still around?
If I’m just good for sex, why do you say the things you say?
If I’m just the temp, why do I feel this way?
If I’m nothing to you, why can’t you say it?
If I’m just that girl you fucked in school, why do I feel like something more?
If I’m such a good person, why do bad things keep happening?
Sorry guys. I can’t sleep, I’m sick, I’m tired and I’m just fed up. This is directed at no one, I just needed to write it. Alex, you fag.

About triztron

I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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One Response to If…

  1. Genevieve says:

    I\’m sorry if you really feel like your alone. You said this is directed towards no one, but it sounds serious. I\’m still here, and as long as I\’m here<  I hope you know that my ears and arms will be open anytime you need them , and I wont open my mouth if you don\’t want me to. And if I\’m not there when you need someone, it doesn\’t mean I don\’t care anymore, Because you\’re one of my very closest freinds, and you\’re one of the most memorable people I have ever met,ever heard of, or ever known. Bad things happen to everyone, be strong, sometimes  our inner strength is hiding when we need it the most, but you Trista definitly have it in you!With Love,
    Your freind,Genevieve

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