AJ! You just committed a 1030!

Well, if any of you are wondering, a ten thirty is an improper use of a radio. And yes, AJ’s guilty. So I finished up my notebook and I must say that I never realized how much work dominated my time until I found myself staring at this empty, brand new notebook (named Danny), with absolutely nothing to write about except work. I don’t really care all that much how work controls my life though; I manage to make time for the important people in my life. And that works out just fine for me. No offence but I’d rather make money, so I can actually do things with those people and pay rent. Independance here I come! WHOOT! I like where my life is heading right now and honestly, I could not be happier. Well ok I’m not happy with EVERY aspect of where my life is going to take me, but those kinks and knots will work themselves out the more I ignore it. See, I’m like a trash can. I pile all the shit in my life into this trash can and close the lid up, never really dealing with the shit. Then when there’s no more room for shit, the lid sort of pops off and I explode. Or implode, depending on where I am. And since it’s been all the same shit these days, chances are, it’s going to hit the fan. Watch out buddy, watch out. Because I am a NASTY person when I get really pissed off. No joke. You can ask anyone who I’ve ever cold shouldered (which happens to come out of no where and take the person by surprise) or really chewed out. I am not pleasant. And I have my reasons.
Now, onto the serious business that is Tuesday. I’ve been told that I am a rather spontanious person and I guess I can see where people would get that from: I up and left Montreal to come home, make money and move to Ottawa; I’m very prone to buying train tickets and visiting Li, which is a harder task now that I’m working; I obtained tickets to Taste of Chaos three days before the actual event; I called Jason and got a tattoo on Tuesday; while visiting Li in Ottawa, I spontaniously got a tattoo of a heart on my wrist. Yeah I’d say I can be pretty unpredictable. And even as we speak, I am spontaniously planning to call in sick to work so I can visit my mom in the hospital. Translation? Chill with Li. WOAH! She brings out the random in me ha ha ha. I’m so glad we’re close again because quite frankly, I missed her. No other way to say it. She’s my best friend and my Explorer #1. We have many a Mighty Ducks and Pokemon reccess game under our belts and that’s a waste of good times if we can’t still laugh about them. So it rocks that she’s still my best friend. Oh Explorer #1.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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3 Responses to AJ! You just committed a 1030!

  1. Ashley says:

    Oh explorer #2… wait… am i #1? yes i am, cuz i never said explorer # one… cuz i never adressed myself… i\’ll stop talking.
    I am so glad that we\’re hanging out again! its the bestest ever cuz we\’re old enough to do al lthe fun stuff! but young enough to do all the fun stuff! I like 19! I like giggle all the time when i see things from our childhood and like highschool. makes me giggle like a …wait.. i am a girl in school. never mind.

  2. Jason says:

    Deare Xon,I will post a comment when imnot dreinkLove AJOS.  SOmhone  i managed to signo ut of my ciomp when while i was tytping this.OSOS.   I kjnow im kaking miustakes, but i dont care enough tot ficng them nrite now.O DAIRE someone to bneat thisOS>   im l;aughin hardcore rite now
    level 193….or 132/….or 12

  3. jesse says:

    oh yeah trista well you just commited an 3546.. yeah thats right.. and that is umm.. a… making a sweet ass move by comming to ottawa..  man are we going to have some good times.. cause we are both silly enough to do stupid shit.. like the lovely ugly living room..  oh yeah and your new tatto was a good random move.. like most random moves i believe.. oh and jason were you drunk when you wrote that.. i sure hope so.. anyways ttyl
    Peace i\’m out a here
    ** bonus points if you can name the voice i\’d be saying that in **

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