Li informed me today that it’s been ten years since that fateful winter day when I shyly approached her on the playground and asked her if she wanted some help building her snowman. Yes, I have officially known Li for HALF of my life. Ten years. A decade. Double digits! Needless to say I was a little shocked. That makes this the second longest friendship in my life. Vinny is obviously the longest, at some ridiculous number like fifteen or sixteen years. But anyway, we have decided to unofficially make an official day out of celebrating our ten year anniversary as friends. I can’t wait. Lots of shenanigans will be had, that’s for sure.
Today’s recommendation: CLICK. If you have not already seen this movie, you must do so immediately! This movie is easily Adam Sandler’s best work since Billy Madison. Maybe even better than that. Billy Madison is pure comedy, but Click is just…WOW. I went into this movie, expecting it to be ok, good at the most. But I never expected it to blow me away like it did. I saw it with Jesse, Lauren and Li, yesterday to celebrate Canada Day, and WOW. It’s fantastic. Completely amazing. Like Jesse said, if it doesn’t win some awards, I will kill someone. I never knew Adam Sandler could make me cry tears of sadness. The movie even had tears in Jesse’s eyes. OK maybe not tears, but he was going to cry like one tear. I saw it. So go see it immediately. Take a train if you have to, I don’t care. GO SEE CLICK! It’s one of those movie you have to see before you die. Seriously. Watch it.
I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I’ve really been working my ass off! A.K.A I’ve been sitting on my ass making phone calls, and in my down time I’ve been writing fanfictions, because I can’t write anything else these days. But my fanfictions are pretty good. Of course they’ve all been about Four Brothers, but it doesn’t matter. They’re be more spread out as I go along. I am glad, however, that I am starting on a new campaign. It’s called Vongo and it’s inbound which means I will never have to leave another crappy Nissan message on an answering machine again! YES! People call me and I help them. I AM TECH SUPPORT! It’s full time hours and I’ll be getting home at a decent hour! Hoorah! Twelve to eight kiddies, and four months of rent in one pay check! Thank god! Which reminds me that I have to take July’s rent out for Richard and then think of something to do with the rest of the money. Just kidding. I’m saving it. This new campaign totally makes up for me spending all the rest of my checks. I am SO bad with money! Damn. Ah well. I think I’ve bored everyone enough, so I’m going to do some more writing.
PS. Go see Click
PPS. Go rent Friday Night Lights. Best football movie I’ve ever seen.

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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2 Responses to GO SEE CLICK RIGHT NOW!

  1. jesse says:

    now not just a amazing sound.. it\’s now the best movie of the year/ever.. no joke i amlost cried.. and i still would if adam sandler ______ or ever ______..
    and my fav people to see movies with are lauren and trista.. cause me and lauren talk the whole time and bother trista.. and trista LOVES it.. plus we are all the coolest people ever..
     in closing i just have to say.. trista… GET ME FREE MOVIES!!!! pwese *uber sad face* thats all i got for now talk at you later..

  2. .Lauren. says:

    dear everyone,
    and then see it again
    and then call me, and we will quote it for 100 hours . because it is soooooo  good!
    love, lauren

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