Today is a sad, dark day in the history of lovable tv personas. At approximately eleven am today, Steve Irwin (Crocodile Hunter for those who are bad with names) was brutally murdered. Not by the hand of man however. No. Steve Irwin was murdered at the hands of a Bull Ray while he was diving in the Batt Reef in Queensland. He was filming footage for a television show hosted by his daughter, while on hiatus for his documentary "The Ocean’s Deadliest." The barb from the sting ray’s tail had lodged in his chest, piercing his heart and causing cardiac arrest. The sad thing is that his son, who is only three years old, will never get to know his father. Well, it’s not as sad as the fact that Crocodile Hunter is actually dead, but it is still really sad. In all of Australia history, this is only the third known fatality. Since 1996, there have only been 17 fatal sting ray attacks worldwide. Sad. So, so sad. He was only 44 years old, which just doesn’t seem fair. The world has definitely lost a very colourful, exeuberant person. The Discovery Channel is airing a tribute to the Crocodile Hunter tonight at 6PM EST. If I actually got the stupid channel, I would watch it. But instead I am watching the CSI Labour Day Marathon. I guess it will have to do.

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3 Responses to CRIKEY!

  1. Jason says:

    1-  I bet you\’d be ok with it if they aired his death on TV…I know i would2-  Maybe SNL will make a kick-ass skit about it…..But I wont watch it3- Better him than me…or you…..or Drew Carey….or Owen Wilson

  2. Jason says:

    or Lindsay Lohan (you know the one I\’m talking about)….or Lindy Booth

  3. jesse says:

    i\’m just depressed noone had a montage made up for him like they do old clebs.. i mean he was bound to get killed by something sooner or late.. the tv people really fell asleeep on this one.. someone better get fired for that one.. any ways yeah it sad cause me and my dad used to watch his show to see if he got attacked by anything.

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