Li informed me today that it’s been ten years since that fateful winter day when I shyly approached her on the playground and asked her if she wanted some help building her snowman. Yes, I have officially known Li for HALF of my life. Ten years. A decade. Double digits! Needless to say I was a little shocked. That makes this the second longest friendship in my life. Vinny is obviously the longest, at some ridiculous number like fifteen or sixteen years. But anyway, we have decided to unofficially make an official day out of celebrating our ten year anniversary as friends. I can’t wait. Lots of shenanigans will be had, that’s for sure.
Today’s recommendation: CLICK. If you have not already seen this movie, you must do so immediately! This movie is easily Adam Sandler’s best work since Billy Madison. Maybe even better than that. Billy Madison is pure comedy, but Click is just…WOW. I went into this movie, expecting it to be ok, good at the most. But I never expected it to blow me away like it did. I saw it with Jesse, Lauren and Li, yesterday to celebrate Canada Day, and WOW. It’s fantastic. Completely amazing. Like Jesse said, if it doesn’t win some awards, I will kill someone. I never knew Adam Sandler could make me cry tears of sadness. The movie even had tears in Jesse’s eyes. OK maybe not tears, but he was going to cry like one tear. I saw it. So go see it immediately. Take a train if you have to, I don’t care. GO SEE CLICK! It’s one of those movie you have to see before you die. Seriously. Watch it.
I know it’s been a while since I’ve blogged but I’ve really been working my ass off! A.K.A I’ve been sitting on my ass making phone calls, and in my down time I’ve been writing fanfictions, because I can’t write anything else these days. But my fanfictions are pretty good. Of course they’ve all been about Four Brothers, but it doesn’t matter. They’re be more spread out as I go along. I am glad, however, that I am starting on a new campaign. It’s called Vongo and it’s inbound which means I will never have to leave another crappy Nissan message on an answering machine again! YES! People call me and I help them. I AM TECH SUPPORT! It’s full time hours and I’ll be getting home at a decent hour! Hoorah! Twelve to eight kiddies, and four months of rent in one pay check! Thank god! Which reminds me that I have to take July’s rent out for Richard and then think of something to do with the rest of the money. Just kidding. I’m saving it. This new campaign totally makes up for me spending all the rest of my checks. I am SO bad with money! Damn. Ah well. I think I’ve bored everyone enough, so I’m going to do some more writing.
PS. Go see Click
PPS. Go rent Friday Night Lights. Best football movie I’ve ever seen.
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You are a sexy specimen

This title is directed at EVERYONE! EVERYONE IS SEXY!
So now that I have that out of the way, I would actually like to say that I first used the term "sexy specimen" to describe Garrett Hedlund, known for his role as Jack Mercer in Four Brothers and my future husband. That’s really all I have to say on the subject of sexy specimens.
My birthday was actually pretty cool. I started the celebration a bit early by going out with some of the guys and of course, the B TTP in the DUB. I think I overdid it a bit because when I woke up on my birthday I too hung over to do anything but throw up and sleep. Which is what I did until 4:30 in the afternoon. But by seven, I had prettied myself up as much as I could and went out for dinner with Lauren (who still owes me a Mars Bar lol), Jesse and Jason. Our waiter was an asshole, the cake was GIANT and gross, just like Jason’s Ricard’s, and I could only have nachos. But then Jesse, Lauren and I decided to go play glow in the dark mini put at the last minute. We had tons of fun and I even won the game. So all in all it was a good birthday, friend wise. Family wise it really licked balls, but you can’t choose your family.
Work has really taken up a lot of my time, and now that I’ve started writing again I just don’t leave the house. I am a recluse! YES! Soon I will be on my own and reclused like Johnny Depp in Secret Window…only without the second personality and dog killing. But I will definitely have a tattered robe. This is why I’m not getting married…oh wait. I just said I was marrying Garrett Hedlund. Fuck and I’m marrying the singer from Atreyu! What’s a hermit writer with two loves to do?
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Jake the Snake…WHAT?!

Alright so on Saturday I took a little trip to the Memorial Centre with Brockville’s Finest (AJ, B TTP in the Dub), Matt and Sheppard. Why would we go to the Memorial Centre on a Saturday night? Oh well obviously because Jake the Snake was visiting town, wrestling. Sounds like it will be all fun and good right? Well no. Not in the slightest, because he was fucking drunk out of his crazy old mind. He spent 3/4 of the match on his back, because he was too drunk to stand. So it was a bit of a let down. Highlight of the match? Oh definitely when he threw his opponent into the turnbuckle and fell right over. Oh it was quite a night. Then after he won the match through a pity fall on his opponent’s behalf, he almost crushed his snake about four times. Then he just dropped (almost crushing his snake in the process) and rolled out of the ring. He passed out in the back of the memorial centre, then got up and passed out in his truck. It’s a sad, sad day. I think I’m going to have a hot dog…and watch Trailer Park Boys. No. No hot dogs for Trista.
It’s my birthday in five days and I hope I can spend it with Lauren. I obviously want to spend it with everyone, but Lauren the most because I miss her. We had so much fun on my birthday last year and I hope to god that there’s a fair in town this year again. But let’s not have a witness statement this year, eh? No drunk fights in front of Pizza Pizza. Oh Lauren, I hope I see you this year for my big 2-0 birthday. And Jesse, try not to get a nosebleed this year alright? AJ, the B TTP in the Dub, screw the firefighter party and hang out with me on my birthday! It will be an S free occasion of course! Alright I think I’ve said all I can think of right now. I’m going to go for a walk around town, watch the Atreyu DVD, plan my wedding to Alex Varkatzas and buy some lunch. What a day I have ahead of me
                                                           FIVE DAYS
PS. I’m watching the Atreyu DVD right now and WOW Alex looks good when he sings.
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FINNEY! Dammit!

I’m very disappointed in myself. One reason would be for writing about tulips. Another would be for forgetting Brendan Finney’s name. THIRD WATCH IS MY FAVOURITE SHOW AND I CAN’T EVEN REMEMBER FINNEY! DAMMIT! I’m over it.
I have not had a decent moment to myself since I started working. It could be that I’m very stressed about the time in my day. Before, when I was just lazy and sat around the house, the day seemed like it would never end. But now that I work, I am suddenly aware of just how many hours are in the day and I am compelled to make the most of each one of them. Of course sleeping in unil eleven isn’t really the greatest way to capitalize on your free time. Matt has the right idea by getting up at the earliest possible moment he can. Of course I don’t really appreciate his annoying need to spread his morning attitude with me; especially after I only went to bed three hours before. I respect that guy for not being a complete bitch in the morning. Some people I know just aren’t meant to be awake in the morning. Me on the other hand, I’m brighter than the sun in the morining…well if the sun is smothered by thick black clouds maybe. I pick and choose when I’m a morning person. Unfortunately, those mornings are usually spent alone writing and chilling to some sweet music. So no one ever believes me when I say I’m a morning person. But what I really came here to write about is my free time. I like having friends that get me. My friends all understand when it’s time to take a break from each other. I know I’ve said it many times before, but I love having friends who don’t need to see me 24/7. I love that I can put a friendship on hold while I’m trying to work on a book or just sort myself out, since I need to rediscover myself every few months, and then come back to it when I’m ready. LI! YOU ARE MY SHELF FRIEND HERO! There’s no one better than Li and I’ll stand by that conviction. Can’t wait til I’m in Ottawa with you! Jesse, you are just my hero for helping me out of hard times in my life. We are going to torment Richard to no end and I don’t know this Elaina girl, but I have a feeling she’s not safe from us either. MUAHAHAHAHA! This is gonna be sweet. And Ottawa is what keeps me sitting in my cubicle for seven hours a night through the week, and eight hours on Saturdays. If I didn’t have Ottawa to save my sanity, I’d just eat a steady diet of government cheese and live in a van down by the river. I could be Trista Foley and channel the spirit of Chris Farley. I bet that would be a bit weird; a 130 pound girl flailing and acting like the 300 pound comedy legend that is Chris Farley. Who would be my David Spade?
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Tulips are Better

Tulips Are Better

Crystal clear I see the rose is frail,
The thorns hid easily in its beauty, as I go to grasp it in my hand
My heart is torn beating from my chest
Let me be captivated, by your beauty
Then let me fall from your grace, unto my broken knees
Close my eyes so tightly, the tears are welling up
You aren’t worth the waste, of the salt or the water
Fuck all your false beauty, it was transparent just like your smile – liar
Your thorns caress my flesh, crimson drops on a snowy field – liar
I have watched you retrogress, I have watched what you’ve become – liar
Please take your eyes off of me,
it’s funny how fast blue eyes fade gray – liar
And you are deceit
Watching the sun play in your hair
I couldn’t really care, care any less about you
Just wither away real beauty is forever in you
Just wither away


Tulips really are better than roses. I adore tulips for all those fond memories they bring me. I’ve always been sort of anti-flowers and don’t get me wrong; they still drive me up the wall with their smell. But I appreciate them a little more than I did before. I’m not about to run out and decorate my room with flowered wallpaper or any stupid shit like that.  But there’s this house I walk by on my way home from work, and there’s a nice tulip garden with the prettiest coloured tulips. AH! GIRL ALERT! Deep purple tulips (the colour of plum skin) are really nice to look at. My oma used to have a tulip garden and it’s one of the only things that seems to stick out from my memories of weekends with my dad. The tulips. Red, yellow and for some reason I picture blue. But I don’t think blue tulips exist. And if anyone can find me a blue tulip, they will be greatly rewarded. In my mind, these blue tulips are perfect. To this day, when I draw tulips in my margin, I colour them in with blue ink. I will make it a point to make them blue. Fuck I wish blue tulips were real! How cool would that be?! Bah. Enough of this punkass tulip talk. TULIPS ARE BETTER! Now I’m going for a walk

PS. The song "Tulips are Better" is by Atreyu. Check it out.

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AJ! You just committed a 1030!

Well, if any of you are wondering, a ten thirty is an improper use of a radio. And yes, AJ’s guilty. So I finished up my notebook and I must say that I never realized how much work dominated my time until I found myself staring at this empty, brand new notebook (named Danny), with absolutely nothing to write about except work. I don’t really care all that much how work controls my life though; I manage to make time for the important people in my life. And that works out just fine for me. No offence but I’d rather make money, so I can actually do things with those people and pay rent. Independance here I come! WHOOT! I like where my life is heading right now and honestly, I could not be happier. Well ok I’m not happy with EVERY aspect of where my life is going to take me, but those kinks and knots will work themselves out the more I ignore it. See, I’m like a trash can. I pile all the shit in my life into this trash can and close the lid up, never really dealing with the shit. Then when there’s no more room for shit, the lid sort of pops off and I explode. Or implode, depending on where I am. And since it’s been all the same shit these days, chances are, it’s going to hit the fan. Watch out buddy, watch out. Because I am a NASTY person when I get really pissed off. No joke. You can ask anyone who I’ve ever cold shouldered (which happens to come out of no where and take the person by surprise) or really chewed out. I am not pleasant. And I have my reasons.
Now, onto the serious business that is Tuesday. I’ve been told that I am a rather spontanious person and I guess I can see where people would get that from: I up and left Montreal to come home, make money and move to Ottawa; I’m very prone to buying train tickets and visiting Li, which is a harder task now that I’m working; I obtained tickets to Taste of Chaos three days before the actual event; I called Jason and got a tattoo on Tuesday; while visiting Li in Ottawa, I spontaniously got a tattoo of a heart on my wrist. Yeah I’d say I can be pretty unpredictable. And even as we speak, I am spontaniously planning to call in sick to work so I can visit my mom in the hospital. Translation? Chill with Li. WOAH! She brings out the random in me ha ha ha. I’m so glad we’re close again because quite frankly, I missed her. No other way to say it. She’s my best friend and my Explorer #1. We have many a Mighty Ducks and Pokemon reccess game under our belts and that’s a waste of good times if we can’t still laugh about them. So it rocks that she’s still my best friend. Oh Explorer #1.
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If I’m such a good person, why do bad things keep happening?
If I’m so hard to love, why am I always alone?
If I’m happy, why do I find ways to screw it up?
If I’m too good for this town, why does it act like it’s too good for me?
If I’m a believer in karma, why isn’t karma a believer in me?
If I’m a nice girl, why does that mean I have to finish last?
If I’m up till dawn watching over you, why don’t you remember me?
If I’m there to take care of you, why do you walk away?
If I’m trying to help, why don’t you understand?
If I’m only good to you when you’re drunk, why am I still around?
If I’m just good for sex, why do you say the things you say?
If I’m just the temp, why do I feel this way?
If I’m nothing to you, why can’t you say it?
If I’m just that girl you fucked in school, why do I feel like something more?
If I’m such a good person, why do bad things keep happening?
Sorry guys. I can’t sleep, I’m sick, I’m tired and I’m just fed up. This is directed at no one, I just needed to write it. Alex, you fag.
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