There is still some magic left…

OK this entry is in reply/rebuttle/my own opinion based on an entry posted on a friend’s blog and it’s about the lack of magic in the world. Now before I get started on my own tangent, I’d like to point out that I am not slamming Sam for thinking that there’s no magic anymore. It’s her opinion and opinions are NEVER wrong. I just happen to have a different one, that’s all . Alright let’s get this party started…
Sure when we were kids the magic just seemed to ooze from our pores and absolutely anything was possible. For some (Like me) everything still is possible. But a lot of people lose their imagination somewhere along the road. I think it gets shoved aside when high school comes along and anyone with an imagination is condemed to be a loser forever. I remember when I stepped through the doors of Athens High School on my first day of grade nine and I wanted to cry and hide in the bathroom. I was still the same girl I was in grade eight, only this time I had no recesses to act out. See, I had this best friend and when we first met in grade five, we would play MIghty Ducks (I was always Duke and she was Nosedive) and as the years went on, the games changed to Batman (Poison Ivy and the Joker) and then to Pokemon (Team Rocket) then in high school, it wasn’t about cartoons anymore. We were older and therefore had to play by the rules. We never really were ones for the rules. Even as we made new friends in high school, we would still get together and role play. That’s what made the game fun. (BTW, life is the game, if anyone was wondering. Ha ha ha ha BLAH). So instead of cartoons, we were real people. First it was Edge and Christian and then when LOTR came out, it was Merry and Pippin and then one day, for shits and giggles, we were the Explorers and you were the Adventurers (we were British, so say that in a British voice). I don’t know when we stopped living in someone else’s shoes, but it may have been when I moved away and came to TISS. The magic kind of went away for a while when the game changed directions. But the magic slowly came back once I started to make friends. To me I think the magic is always with you, no matter how old you are. All it depends on is your environment and the role you play in life. Friends are some of the greatest magic holders in the world and although love often leaves you hurt, confused and broken, it teaches you some valuable lessons. As we grow up, our magic grows up with us. It gives us new challenges for our heart and new adventures for our souls. Everything is an adventure and everything is magic. Of course it may not seem like it is at the time and it may take a while before you realize just exactly when it was magic, but there’s always some magic, somewhere. Going away to University is magic because it’s just you, on your own and fending for yourself. You get to find new magic holders and re create that magic atmosphere you lived with when you were younger. Just because we take on great responsibilities, doesn’t mean we can’t use our magic anymore.
Oh my GOD, I’m a fortune cookie! This is really annoying. I hate packing!!!! But it’s alright because I’m off to another world. I’m leaving Candyland, where everything is sweet and wonderful and catch free. I’m packing my bags and switching boards. I think it’s time I entered Scrabble. NO I’M TOTALLY JOKING!

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I don't really live in a place called Brockvegas. It's called Brockville.
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